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Six Tips to Preventing Workplace Injuries

Injuries in the workplace can cause many problems for employees, employers, and even coworkers. They can cause time and money to be lost for everyone involved and can create lasting damage on the person that was hurt. A workers comp lawyer in Philadelphia and any other large city for that matter sees hundreds of these […]

Injured On The Job? What To Do & The Four People You Should Speak With Immediately

This arctice is from Chaleigh Glass. Chaleigh is a freelance writer and photographer who lives in the amazing city of New York. When she isn’t writing Chaleigh loves to travel and explore all that the big city has to offer. How will you determine if your injury can be filed as injured on the job? […]

Workplace Violence: Who Is Liable?

This article is from Emma Sturgis, a freelance writer living in Boston. She writes on a variety of topics, including politics and law. When not at her computer, she enjoys film noir and rock climbing. Each year, about two million American workers are victims of violence in the workplace. Workers have a right to safety at […]

Your Workers’ Compensation Case: What Exactly Can You Expect?

This article is from Karleia Steiner, who works as a freelance blogger and consultant. You can follow her on Google+. An individual who is facing a day in court for a workers’ compensation trial needs to prepare themselves mentally for the experience that they are about to endure. Any trials, especially workers’ compensation trials, are never […]

Health Hazards and Industrial Conditions within the Construction Industry

This guest post is from Roberts Jackson, a law firm dedicated to giving advice to those who need be it regarding injuries in the workplace or illness. You can visit their site here for more information about them: What health hazards and industrial conditions exist in the construction industry, and what should employers be doing […]

Four Common Accident and Personal Injury Claims

In keeping with my fascination with personal injury laws in other countries, this guest post is from Injuries aren’t really a topic you think much about, until you’re affected by one. Sometimes you’re just in the wrong place at the wrong time, and you end up in an accident that wasn’t your fault. Unfortunately this […]

Six Tips For Getting The Right Care After a Work Related Injury

This article is courtesy of the law firm of Mitchell + Pencheff, Fraley, Catalano & Boda. Thousands of workers every year get hurt while performing routine job-related duties, but many of these people assume that fighting a worker’s comp case is too much of a hassle to undertake. If you’ve sustained an injury on the job, […]

Health and Safety Regulations — Slips, Trips, and Falls

I enjoy learning how other countries handle the same legal problems we encounter here, so I welcome guest posts from around the world. This one concerns on-the-job injuries in the United Kingdom. The post is from Chelsey Lewis, who studies and researches about personal injury compensation and medical negligence claims, especially those relating to personal injury and those arising […]

Construction Site Accidents and Traumatic Brain Injuries

This guest post is from Mr. Joseph Peterson — a professional legal blogger who frequently writes on topics involving personal injury law and work-related accidents. There are an estimated nine million construction industry employees across the United States, making it one of the largest professional fields in the country. Unfortunately, the construction industry is also one […]

How to Prevent Workplace Injuries

This guest post is from Evan Fischer, a writer for, a law firm that protects the livelihood of clients who have suffered from an injury due to another person’s negligence. It’s all fun and games until you’re dancing on the conference table on margarita Friday and you fall off and break a hip.  Okay, so […]

Insult to Injury: Texas Workers’ Comp System Denies, Delays Medical Help

Writer Terry Carter has an excellent article in the American Bar Association Journal regarding the decline of the Texas Workers’ Compensation system since the law was fundamentally changed in 1991. If you work in Texas, or care for someone who does, you should read this eye-opening article. You will be shocked to learn that Texas […]

U.S. Work Casualties Down Slightly in 2010

This is a “good news, bad news” story. The total number of on-the-job deaths declined in 2010. That’s good, but part of the reason is that fewer people are working construction jobs these days, and that’s bad. Here are more details: Reporting from its Washington Bureau, Business Journals cited “preliminary numbers from the Bureau of […]

Colorado Lawmakers Question Bonuses Paid By Workers’ Compensation Insurer

The Colorado Springs Gazette reports on what may be insurance company misconduct regarding denial of workers’ compensation claims in that state. Here are excerpts from the article: A workers compensation insurer may have paid bonuses to employees for denying claims, a lawmaker said Thursday, citing documents provided by the company. State Sen. Morgan Carroll, D-Aurora, […]

Bill Easing Ability For Workers To Sue Property Owners Passes Texas House

The AP reports, “Legislation that would make it easier for certain injured workers to sue property owners for negligence has passed the Texas House.” The legislation, “supported by personal injury trial lawyers, would remove existing liability protections for premises owners who buy workers’ compensation insurance for contract workers who come onto their property to perform […]

Editorial: Lawmakers Should Correct Texas Supreme Court Workers’ Compensation Decision

The Austin American-Statesman ran an editorial today speaking out on a really bad decision by the pro-business Texas Supreme Court. The case is a little complicated, but boils down to allowing property owners to avoid liability for negligence if the owner declares itself to be a general contractor and buys workers' compensation insurance for the […]

Texas Workers’ Compensation Issue Left Unresolved has an article about the efforts of the Texas Legislature to undo damage done by the Texas Supreme Court in a recent, flawed decision regarding lawsuit protection for work-site owners. The Court twisted logic to take laws intended to protect general contractors and used them to protect property owners from negligence suits. Unfortunately, the […]

Federal Regulations To Be Updated For Construction Cranes

The Associated Press reports that for the first time since 1971 the federal government is to update building crane regulations and will require crane operators nationwide to pass a certification test. This change by the U.S. Department of Laborfollows deadly accidents in several U.S. cities, including Houston, and serious injuries caused by crane collapses in […]

Adding Insult To Injury At The Workplace

This is a guest post from Heather Johnson. Ms. Johnson is a regular commentator on the subject of criminal justice careers. She welcomes your feedback and potential job inquiries at heatherjohnson2323 at gmail dot com. What do you do when the job that provides a livelihood turns out to be the poison that’s slowly draining […]