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4 Signs You Weren’t to Blame for Your Workplace Injury

If you’ve been hurt on the job, you may be entitled to compensation from your employer. You just need to make sure you have a real personal injury case. Here are a few common signs that your employer was being negligent. Hazardous Areas Weren’t Marked Wet floors should have yellow caution signs. Construction zones should […]

Six Common Injuries That Happen on the Job

While most workplaces are designed to be safe, there are a variety of hazards that must be taken into account. While working, there are different types of injuries that can occur. When they do, your financial livelihood may be called into question, as you are unable to attend to your daily duties. Consider the following […]

7 Signs You May Need to Sue Your Employer

The law gives a lot of leeway to employers when it comes to managing employees. Still, there are cases when employers go too far. One of the reasons why civil court exists is to make up for the wrongs committed against other parties. If you feel your rights were violated by your employer, you may […]

How Workplace Hazards Can Create Legal Troubles for Your Business

One thing that can cause a lot of trouble for a company is a safety hazard. Obviously, your first concern should be protecting your employees from workplace injuries. However, there can also be other significant ramifications for not making the effort to maintain a safe workplace. Below are some of the ways that workplace hazards […]

Understanding How Workers’ Compensation Plays Into Your Workplace Injury

Work is unfortunately not always a safe place. A variety of work-related accidents can occur on many types of jobs. These accidents may cause injuries that require extensive medical treatment, and an injured worker may miss weeks or months of work for recovery. These accidents may even cause a death that creates a tragic and […]

Business Lawsuits: The Legal Ramifications of Workplace Injuries

Thousands of serious workplace injuries happen every day in the United States. It’s something all companies should make a strong effort to guard against in regards to how they manage employees, equipment and company facilities. Not doing so can have extreme consequences. Below is an overview of the legal ramifications of workplace injuries. 1. Costly […]

Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim? Be Aware of These Things

A day on the job can bring a number of unexpected circumstances. While this variety keeps your employment interesting, it can also result in illness or injury that can debilitate you from continuing your job duties. If you are an employee with workers’ compensation benefits who sustained an injury while performing a job duty or […]

NPR Examines Workplace Injuries Suffered by Nursing Staff

The NPR “All Things Considered” program examined some of the dangers nursing employees face at work, noting that the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) found that more than 35,000 nursing employees suffer back and other injuries at work each year. In fact, according to the BLS, “nursing assistants are injured more than any other […]

How to Make Your Office a Safe Place to Work

Image Source: When we think of employee safety, the first thing that comes to mind is concern for those working in the construction and the manufacturing industries. That’s probably because in these sectors, workers are required to operate in the outdoor environment, which makes them prone to life-threatening dangers, physical and otherwise. Jobs that […]

How to Best Recover Lost Wages After Being Injured on the Job

A work injury is one of the worst things that can happen to a worker who is struggling in today’s society. Not many people prepare themselves for accidents that happen at work because most people assume that work will always be safe and secure. If you have suffered a recent work injury, then you are […]

5 Ways Injured Workers Can Make Sure Their Financial Needs Are Met

One of the biggest benefits of getting a job is getting health insurance. Unfortunately some workers have run into circumstances where they felt more like they got the health insurance to keep the job. Here are five ways to avoid the financial pitfalls of not being properly prepared in the case of workplace injuries. Get […]

The Top Workplace Injuries Every Business Should Be Aware Of

Workplace injuries cost companies billions of dollars a year in workers’ compensation and other costs. Most injuries occur in manual labor jobs, but there are risks to office workers as well. Here are the top workplace injuries every company should be aware of. Overexertion Overexertion is by far the top workplace injury, accounting for more […]

On the Job: Six of the Most Dangerous Careers Today

According to the most recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 4,405 work-related fatalities in 2013. Although the number of fatal workplace accidents is down 25 percent over the past decade, there is still a large number of workers in particular industries who remain at risk. Here are six of the most […]

Tips for Attending Your Workers’ Compensation Trial

Workers’ compensation refers to an insurance program where, as an employee, you get compensation when you sustain job-related illnesses or injuries. If you are preparing to attend a trial related to employee compensation, you have to be prepared for a trying endeavor that will either make or break your case. The following article provides you […]

Five Legal Actions You Should Take After Being Injured at Work

If you are ever injured at work, there are some actions that you should definitely take in order to protect your interests. Here are five of the most important legal actions that you should perform. 1. Take Pictures As soon as you can, take pictures of the scene where you were injured. Try to get […]

Five Signs Your Workplace Injury Was Due to Employer Negligence

It is often difficult to tell who is at fault for a workplace injury. Employers will often try to save money by blaming the injury on the person who was harmed. However, there are five key signs that your workplace injury was due to your employer’s negligence. Your Employer Failed to Document Correctly There are […]

Five Things You Need to Know About Workers’ Compensation After Being Injured at Work

Workers’ compensation is a term that you may hear at work, but it is not something that is often discussed in depth. You may know the basics about workers’ compensation, but knowing detailed facts about workers’ comp is very important. When you are injured while at your place of employment, you have various rights in […]

Injured on the Job? Five Steps to Recovery

The human body is fit to recover from injuries, and the amount of time it takes to recover from an injury depends on the steps that you take to get your life back. If you have been injured on-the-job, it is important to do your part to heal your body so that you can get […]

Workplace Injury: What Your Business Should Cover

Workplace injuries are common in today’s world. Whether injuries in the workplace occur because of accidents, employee mistakes, or mistakes at the hand of the organization, businesses should know how to handle workplace injuries in order to keep their businesses safe. Insurance Policies Many insurance policies can be taken out to protect businesses from civil […]

How to Recognize Danger in the Workplace and at Schools

  Improved Prevention is a Group Effort, Says Former Doctor & Personality Disorder Sufferer Shocking acts of public violence continue to dominate the news: Shootings at Fort Hood and the Washington Navy Yard – considered workplace incidents, a stabbing at a Pennsylvania high school. About 2 million employees are affected by workplace violence every year, […]