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Six Signs You Should Pursue A Career In Law

Some people are naturally inclined towards one career path or another. A career in law is no different. While many are innately good at this type of work, with the right amount of patience and effort, almost anyone can pursue a career in law if they are passionate enough. These are six signs that you […]

Five Things You Need to Have a Successful Personal Injury Trial

Personal injury law firms have an extensive list of open cases, requiring as much personal attention as the last. In addition to their current caseload, administrative, accounting and marketing tasks must be completed to keep the firm running on a full time basis. Increasing your chances of success early on during trial will help reduce […]

Five Rewarding Careers Every Law Student Should Consider

When most students enter law school, they do so with the idea of becoming attorneys. However, today’s legal world offers many new and exciting career opportunities for those students who want to use their legal training in a variety of fields. Electronic Information Attorney As more and more information is sent online, the legal field […]

Should Texas Allow Online Law Degrees?

Seriously? An online law degree? That’s a proposal from a Texas Legislator (a non-lawyer of course). Here are excerpts from an article in Texas Lawyer: What if you could skip those grueling law school classes, hit up the Internet for a law degree and still become a licensed lawyer in Texas? Rep. James White, R-Woodville, […]

Advanced Technology Wins Personal Injury Cases

Technology has changed the law profession. If you watched any part of the O.J. Simpson trial back in the mid-nineties, you might remember hearing, “Put that up on the ELMO, please.” The ELMO was the type of projector used in the case as the main way of presenting evidence in the trial, reports Presentation Solutions. […]

Starting Law School: What You Need to Expect the First Semester

Congratulations on the next big stage of your life! You are beginning law school and hoping to make all the difference in the world. You are a go-getter and can’t wait to start the long road ahead of you filled with sleepless nights and long hours of testing. But don’t fret too much. You can […]

Lawyer Dreams: What it Really Takes to Work in the Law

A legal career can be professionally and financially rewarding. What is also known is candidates have to consider the many challenges that come with working in the law. It’s going to demand a significant amount of your time, your finances, your energy, and your patience even before you reach a foothold in the profession. Before […]

The Intern: What to Expect from Your Internship with a Law Firm

Finding a career in law is becoming increasingly more difficult and competitive. Having a degree next to your name no longer guarantees you an interview, let alone a full time job. Obtaining internships while studying for your degree is a crucial component to later landing a job, and can often help open your eyes to […]

Law Schools Cutting Tuition See Enrollment Gains

The Wall Street Journal reports that law schools that have reduced tuition have seen increased fall enrollment. Three schools reduced tuition, while a fourth instituted a grant program to effectively reduce tuition. These schools saw enrollment increase by 22 percent to 52 percent for the fall. The schools reducing tuition were the University of Iowa College of […]

Five National Programs that Help U.S. Lawyers Get Involved with Pro Bono Work

Whether you run a small law firm of your own, or work within a large legal association, you probably have heard about the importance of doing pro bono legal work. Some corporations like to participate in this type of work in order to improve their reputation within the community, while recent law-school graduates use this […]

Five Mistakes That Are Common Amongst New Lawyers

Attorneys fresh out of law school are often very eager to get an immediate start on their careers. While making the start is important, new attorneys often make mistakes during this period of their lives that can cost them well into the future. This article will outline five common mistakes that new attorneys make that […]

Supreme Court to Consider Deadlines for Suing Federal Government

The AP reports that the Supreme Court “will consider how strict deadlines should be for people to sue the federal government for negligence.” The court on Monday agreed to hear two cases “where lawsuits were filed too late,” and the AP notes that in both cases, “a federal appeals court ruled it was fair to let them […]

ABA Says Attorneys May Search Potential Jurors’ Online Postings

The AP reports from San Francisco that the American Bar Association “says it’s ethical for lawyers to scour online for publicly available musings of citizens called for jury service – and even jurors in deliberations,” but the ABA “does warn lawyers against actively ‘following’ or ‘friending’ jurors or otherwise invading their private Internet areas.” The AP notes […]

Featured Link — Date Calculator: Add To Or Subtract From A Date

I’m terrible at math, and have a special weakness for working with a calendar. That’s unfortunate, because lawyers frequently must calculate deadlines based upon past or future dates. Fortunately there are tools available to help those of us who are challenged in this area. One is the date calculator at This service enables you to […]

Featured Link – Social Security Acronyms

It’s been a few years since I put up an acronym post, and things do change. One of the most daunting challenges to beginning a Social Security Disability practice is the ridiculous number of acronyms you need to learn. The National Organization of Social Security Disability Claimants Representatives (NOSSCR) has put up two comprehensive lists […]

Lawsuit Over Yelp Review Heads to Trial in Virginia

The Washington Post reports that a lawsuit filed by a Washington DC contractor “who is seeking $750,000 in damages from a woman whom he claims defamed his business in negative Yelp reviews is set to go to trial this week in Fairfax County.” Christopher Dietz “alleges a one-star review on the popular site and others were riddled […]

Five Public Relations Problems and How Your Firm Can Avoid Them

This guest post is from Annette Hazard. She is a freelance writer who usually writes about business, home, and financial issues. She is a mother of one and currently resides in Illinois. Individuals who own and/or work within the field of law know how crucial the development and maintenance of an excellent public relations department […]

Six Inexcusable Mistakes Personal Injury Attorneys Make

This guest post is from Dana Smith. Many people are now becoming concerned that some lawyers of the new generation are not receiving the ‘mentoring’ which attorneys received previously. The fact is that personal injury cases can sometimes be lucrative. The new breed of attorneys knows how to get cases through the use of the […]

Web Site Offers Comparison Shopping for Law Schools

The National Law Journal reports, “Detailed law graduate employment information was virtually impossible to come by three years ago. Now, at least four different entities – including the American Bar Association, U.S. News & World Report, the National Association for Legal Career Professionals and Law School Transparency (NALP) – maintain databases detailing schools’ job-placement rates.” The Journal […]

Employers May Fire Workers They Consider Too Attractive

Great news for lawyers, at least in Iowa — it’s safe to fire all your good-looking employees. If I did that, I’d be the only one left in the firm. But maybe your situation is different. Here’s the report from the American Association for Justice news release: Reuters reported that the Iowa Supreme Court recently ruled […]