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Lawsuit Over Yelp Review Heads to Trial in Virginia

The Washington Post reports that a lawsuit filed by a Washington DC contractor “who is seeking $750,000 in damages from a woman whom he claims defamed his business in negative Yelp reviews is set to go to trial this week in Fairfax County.” Christopher Dietz “alleges a one-star review on the popular site and others were riddled […]

Five Public Relations Problems and How Your Firm Can Avoid Them

This guest post is from Annette Hazard. She is a freelance writer who usually writes about business, home, and financial issues. She is a mother of one and currently resides in Illinois. Individuals who own and/or work within the field of law know how crucial the development and maintenance of an excellent public relations department […]

Six Inexcusable Mistakes Personal Injury Attorneys Make

This guest post is from Dana Smith. Many people are now becoming concerned that some lawyers of the new generation are not receiving the ‘mentoring’ which attorneys received previously. The fact is that personal injury cases can sometimes be lucrative. The new breed of attorneys knows how to get cases through the use of the […]

Web Site Offers Comparison Shopping for Law Schools

The National Law Journal reports, “Detailed law graduate employment information was virtually impossible to come by three years ago. Now, at least four different entities – including the American Bar Association, U.S. News & World Report, the National Association for Legal Career Professionals and Law School Transparency (NALP) – maintain databases detailing schools’ job-placement rates.” The Journal […]

Employers May Fire Workers They Consider Too Attractive

Great news for lawyers, at least in Iowa — it’s safe to fire all your good-looking employees. If I did that, I’d be the only one left in the firm. But maybe your situation is different. Here’s the report from the American Association for Justice news release: Reuters reported that the Iowa Supreme Court recently ruled […]

How Not to Spend Your Whole Day on Facebook

I saw this video about a month ago and kept meaning to post about it, but well, you know how it goes… Tips for keeping your focus while working:

Your Patient Information is Safe: Data Security and Offsite Backups Protecting Health Information

This guest post is courtesy of Brian Foster. Brian spent five years in the IT field as a desktop support tech and supervisor. He is interested in networking, cloud computing and social networking. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) sets specific regulations for how health insurance companies and the medical providers they work with manage […]

Making The Most Of Graphics For Trial

Melvin Dubinsky, a trial attorney in New York City, had his article “Making The Most Of Graphics For Trial” featured in the August 2012 edition of The Practical Lawyer. In an increasingly computer-dependent and image-saturated world, the use of trial graphics has never been easier or more beneficial. Mr. Dubinsky’s article presents actual examples from […]

How To Trick Yourself Into Working

This video about how to prevent procrastination, via Andrew Sullivan, looks interesting. I think I’ll watch it later…

Dallas Trial Lawyer Indicted For Stealing From Clients

A Dallas personal injury trial lawyer has been indicted on four counts of stealing money from client settlements and for stealing identities in order to take out loans. I don’t think I’ve ever met the lawyer accused of these crimes, and I sincerely hope the lawyer is not guilty of these allegations. Trial lawyers have […]

Social Security Disability: What Every Lawyer Should Know

This article was written for the American Bar Association to serve as a brief guide when a lawyer who does not practice Social Security disability law receives an inquiry in that field. I hope you find it helpful. Learn how to collect the proper data to give an informed referral Learn how to distinguish among […]

Texas Supreme Court Lays Out New E-Filing Rules

John Council, writing for the Tex Parte blog, had an update on e-filing for the Texas Supreme Court this week. Here is John’s report: While some state district courts in large urban areas such as Dallas and Houston embraced this concept long ago, the Texas Supreme Court will finally do the same on March 14 when […]

Online Doctor Ratings Aren’t Very Helpful

That’s the opinion of Dr. Kevin Pho, a primary care physician in Nashua, New Hampshire, in an article in USA Today. Dr. Pho’s comments apply equally to online ratings of lawyers. Attorneys are increasingly building their online presence at sites such as and In fact, Avvo has just this week added doctors to […]

Featured Link – Ten Minute Mentor

Ten Minute Mentor is a service of the State Bar of Texas and the Texas Young Lawyers Association, and consists of several hundred short videos by legal experts. The videos are completely free and include all these categories: Category: ADR , Appellate , Bankruptcy , Business , Consumer , Corporate Counsel , Creditor/Debtor , Crime […]

PILMMA – Personal Injury Marketing and Management Association

Today is the first day of the Spring 2010 meeting of the Personal Injury Marketing and Management Association, one of my favorite legal organizations. This is the first PILMMA conference I’ve had to miss since its beginning in 2005. If you’re not a member, you should contact PILMMA and sign up for the Fall meeting. […]

Legal Research On a Shoestring Budget

In a recent post by Anurag Acharya on the Official Google Blog, anyone can now find federal and state court case opinions with Google Scholar. By entering either party names or topic (for example, disability) you can now search for the full text of legal opinions and articles. And it’s free! According to Acharya’s post, […]

Another Great PILMMA Conference

Today is the last day of the Fall 2009 PILMMA Marketing and Management Summit, and it’s been the best one yet. I’ve been in the group since the first meeting in April 2005, and it just keeps improving. We’ve had great speakers, fun and informative networking, and best of all was the two-day Platinum Level […]

Lawyer’s “Negligent Stapling” Causes Judge to Dismiss Motion

Ouch! Check your paperwork before submitting it to a court. As reported at, a New York judge dismissed a motion for summary judgment in a car wreck case because the plaintiff’s petition was stapled in such a way as to twice stick a court clerk and draw blood. The judge said the papers were […]

Featured Link – National Punctuation Day

Today is National Punctuation Day, and it couldn’t come soon enough for me. I get so tired of seeing improper punctuation coming from people who should know better. Misplaced quotation marks and unnecessary apostrophes just drive me crazy. Do yourself a favor and visit this site or buy a book on grammar and punctuation. You […]

New Texas Law Lowers Cost of Getting Hospital Records

In what should be good news for those of us who routinely request hospital records, a new Texas law goes into effect September 1, 2009. This amendment to the Health and Safety Code will limit the fee for medical reports requested and delivered in digital format to $75 plus the actual cost of delivery. Here […]