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Raising the Bar: Testing Tips for Acing Your First Bar Exam

Taking the bar exam is probably one of most stressful events in a law student’s life. For years you have prepared, and now it feels like your entire future is dependent on the results of this test. Before you let the stress consume you, know that passing the bar exam is within your reach and […]

5 Reasons To Consider Studying Health Law

Health law is a very interesting field with many opportunities to make a difference. Career options are varied with jobs related to insurance, access to and providers of care, life decisions, safety of drugs and procedures, and many other areas. Job searchers will likely find opportunities in government settings, advocacy groups, and private law firms. […]

Legal Expectations: What Attorneys Want from Paralegals

Lawyers hire paralegals to make their lives easier. Much of the work an attorney does can be done by a paralegal. It is against legal ethics for paralegals to give legal advice to clients or to appear on behalf of a client in court. Otherwise, paralegals can do pretty much anything a lawyer can do […]

How to Use Environmental Law to Help the Global Green Initiative

As a whole, the world has progressed in leaps and bounds since the Rivers and Harbors Act of 1899, considered to be the first environmental legislation in the United States. Today there is an entire faction of laws regarding the environment and conservation. These laws are in place to work towards a cleaner earth. More […]

Want To Study Law? Six Common Traits Of Law Professionals

The study of law is a popular choice for many students. A legal education provides a variety of options and the potential for lucrative income. The legal profession includes a diverse selection of personalities and characters. Despite this diversity, successful law professionals often share several common traits. Following are six common traits exhibited by law […]

Want A Rewarding Career? Five Unique Fields In Law To Consider

That law degree you’ve earned can take you more places than you can imagine. Think outside the box for unique ways to use your education. There are many different career opportunities for those interested in law. Protect the Arts Copyright lawyers help musicians, authors and artists protect their original ideas, or intellectual property, from theft, […]

How Having the Right Paralegals Changes a Law Firm

Staffing is important to the success of a law firm. While the top priority should be to recruit top legal talent, it’s also essential to hire a strong support staff. When the right paralegals join a firm or practice, both productivity and client satisfaction can increase. What Paralegals Do Paralegals support attorneys by performing a […]

Lawsuits Against Firms Handling Sensitive Data Expected to Rise

ABA Journal reports on the increasing need for cyber liability insurance among law firms, as these firms increasingly “handle loads of sensitive, private data of clients, third parties and others in the course of conducting business.” ABA writes that the loss of such data “can have many negative repercussions, including lawsuits, regulatory investigations, fines and penalties, […]

Law Schools Loosen Admissions Requirements

The New York Times reports that law schools across the country are “admitting students with lesser qualifications, including those with a lower admissions test score,” as they struggle to “keep their classrooms full.” According to a new study by nonprofit advocacy group Law School Transparency, roughly one third of law schools had entering classes “with at least […]

5 Master’s Degrees That Can Help Advance Your Career As An Attorney

Earning a master’s degree will allow you to pull together your experience as an attorney and expand in another area that you have a deep interest in. A master’s degree can provide greater job security and income. These five master’s degree programs can place you on the pathway to advancing your career as an attorney. […]

Must-Read for Attorneys: Common SEO Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Magnus Simonarson, the Executive Vice-President of Consultwebs, has written an excellent article that should be required reading for any lawyers interested in improving their Internet presence. Here are the opening paragraphs: Consultwebs has successfully been helping law firms and clients connect since 1999. Throughout the past 16-plus years, we have gained a lot of insight about […]

What You Can Expect as a First-Year Criminal Defense Lawyer

You finally have a first-rate law degree! But there’s a lot of things about being a lawyer that law school doesn’t teach. Your first year as a criminal defense attorney will be strenuous, stressful, eye-opening, educational, and fulfilling. You’ll learn as much that year as you did in three years of law school. Here’s what […]

How Law Firms Can Improve Client Service

(Image Source: “The goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best but legendary.” Sam Walton Increasing revenue, building loyal client relationships, and having a competitive edge over rivals – these are just a few of the many goals of a law firm. Do you know there’s a […]

Four Easy Ways Small Law Firms Can Cut Costs

(Image credit: The ultimate goal of running a business is to make profit. When running a business in a challenging economy, when customers and profits are hard to come by, several entrepreneurs take the road often taken to maintain their bottom line – cutting costs. Law firms are no different. As the volatility of […]

Thinking About Law? Best Four Degrees to Consider

According to the American Bar Association (ABA), about 120,000 law students enroll in school every year. The legal field is challenging, but provides plenty of opportunities for career advancement. In fact, there are a variety of different educational opportunities for law students. Below introduces four degrees that every law student should consider. Political Science Students […]

Is A Career In Law Worth It? Six Reasons You Should Pursue A Law Education And Career

Becoming an attorney takes many years of studying, but in the end, it is a rewarding career choice. You’re looking at around a four year undergraduate degree, three years of law school, and another six months in passing the bar exam and getting sworn in. It requires both personal and financial sacrifices. These are six […]

Best Ways to Build the Necessary Skills for a Career in Law

Becoming a lawyer can be a difficult path, yet a rewarding career later on. Lawyers work in many different areas, such as criminal or commercial, and perform a variety of complex tasks. Successful lawyers are skilled with managing stress, multi-tasking, and dealing with mentally and emotionally intense situations. However, a lawyer needs more skills before […]

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Most people know that lawyers basically make our livings with words. And sometimes we need a little help so that we don’t keep using the same word too often in a brief or a jury argument. That’s when our old friend the thesaurus comes in handy. One good online thesaurus site is From the […]

Five Things That Future Personal Injury Lawyers Should Know

Personal injury lawyers deal with cases related to physical and psychological injuries, like those caused by accidents or medical malpractices and negligence etc. It is their responsibility to ensure that the rights of their clients are protected and that they receive a reasonable compensation for the injuries caused. The work hours are usually long and […]

Business Law Basics: What Your Start-Up Needs To Know

Starting a business can be a worthwhile and profitable venture. However, there are many legal and regulatory issues that you may need to be aware of before you begin operations, while you are in business and even if you decide to dissolve the company. Let’s take a look at six legal issues that you and […]