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Featured Link – Travel Tips

Whether you travel for business, pleasure, or both, flying seems to be a bigger hassle than ever before. That’s where JohnnyJet comes to the rescue. This Web site is published by a fellow who travels practically nonstop, and has an enormous variety of travel tips and resources. Here’s his sotry: I started this newsletter/website for […]

Link of the Day – Fee Dental Care At Baylor College Of Dentistry

This is going to be my final Link of the Day for a while. I’ll continue to feature helpful links, but less frequently. Unfortunately, many of our personal injury clients and Social Security disability claimants simply cannot afford proper medical care. The Baylor College of Dentistry helps somewhat by offering dental care to a limited […]

Link of the Day – Arc Of Dallas

The Arc of Dallas is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve the quality of life for people with intellectual and related developmental disabilities. It was formed in 1951 by a group of parents who joined forces to fight for their children’s rights to be educated in the public school system. The Arc of […]

Link of the Day – Auto Lemon Meter

A Connecticut law firm has a cool "Lemon Meter" on their Web site, enter a few facts about your vehicle purchase, and you’ll find out whether your car is covered by your state’s lemon laws.

Link of the Day – Friday Fun

OK, are you a Little Idiot or a Big Fat Idiot? Find out by taking the Ultimate Idiot Test.

Link of the Day –

OK, Christmas is over, and you absolutely love every gift you got, right? Yeah, me neither. Here’s the answer for us: This is their story: Why The credit counselors at Money Management International (MMI) know that being in debt is no way to start the New Year. They created this Web site to […]

Link of the Day – End User License Agreement Analyzer

Do you ever take the time to read the end user license agreements (EULAs) that pop up each time you buy or download a software program online? No, neither do I. But now there’s a free program that will read the EULA for you, and alert you to any tricky language. Just visit and […]

Link of the Day – Christmas

Wikipedia is the first place many people go to for all types of information, including the history of Christmas.

Link of the Day – Free Online File Backup

None of us backs up computer files as often as recommended, but there’s a great free service that makes backing up both painless and automatic. You can get a completely free online backup of up to 2 GB from That’s not enough for all your photos and video, but it’ll cover your spreadsheets and […]

Link of the Day – Cornell University Law School Ethics Web Site

Do you have a question about legal ethics? You’ll probably find your answer at the Cornell University Law School ethics Web site. Here’s some info about the site: Scope of the American Legal Ethics Library This digital library contains both the codes or rules setting standards for the professional conduct of lawyers and commentary on […]

Link of the Day – Friday Fun

Another time-waster, courtesy of Tom Mighell. Dodge is a very simple game of chasing a blue box around the screen while avoiding red dots. Have fun!

Link of the Day – Associated Press Stylebook

One of the best sources for information about writing — word usage, punctuation, etc. — is the AP Stylebook. It’s available as a printed book or as an online guide. The Web site also has quite a few FAQs, including these: How do you reference hours in this situation: "It was going to be 2-4 […]

Link of the Day – A Really Fast Online Dictionary is a Web site that does only one thing, but does it really fast. If you need a quick definition for an unfamiliar word, check it out.

Link of the Day – Federal Legislative History

Whatever you need to know about federal legislative history can be found at the Thomas Web site. Here is the site’s description: THOMAS was launched in January of 1995, at the inception of the 104th Congress. The leadership of the 104th Congress directed the Library of Congress to make federal legislative information freely available to […]

Link of the Day – Newswire

One easy way to keep up with the latest legal and law firm news is to subscribe to the daily Newswire from Check it out.

Link of the Day –

AltLaw is a new legal search site, still in beta version. Here’s a description from the site: The law is meant to belong to the people, but it can be surprisingly hard to find. Case reports, a major part of the laws of the United States, are hard to get at, and even when on […]

Link of the Day – Older Texans Hit By High-Pressure Medicare Insurance Tactics

The Dallas Morning News ran an article earlier this month about Medicare insurance sales people pressuring senior citizens to buy policies they don’t want or need. Here are excerpts from the story: The annual enrollment period for private Medicare plans has brought out overly aggressive and deceptive sales agents again, so consumer advocates and insurance […]

Link of the Day – Friday Fun

Thank you Mark Merenda for this great link explaining to employers how best to deal with female employees. It’s from a 1943 issue of Transportation Magazine and sounds ridiculous from a viewpoint of 2007. An excerpt: There is no longer any question whether transit companies should hire women for jobs formerly held by men. The […]

Link of the Day – Crime Reports Online

Crime Reports Live is a Web site where you can search for information on recent crimes in your neighborhood (or anywhere else). Here is information from the site: The Community Safety Management Network is here for your safety. Part of that obligation is keeping you as informed as possible concerning crimes in Dallas neighborhoods, and […]

Link of the Day – Holiday Gifts For People With Alzheimer’s Disease

A recent issue of the newsletter of the Silverado Senior Living facility in Sugar Land, Texas contained an interesting article about gifts to patients with Alzheimer’ disease or dementia. Here are excerpts: What kind of gift do you give someone with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease? There are more than 19 million family members in the […]