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Companies’ Use of H-1B Visas Raise Questions

In a front-page article, the New York Times reports that layoffs in which IT workers are replaced with immigrants on temporary H-1B visas, sometimes trained by the people they’re replacing, “are raising new questions about how businesses and outsourcing companies are using the temporary visas.” While federal guidelines say the foreigners should fill positions that American workers […]

Supreme Court to Consider Deadlines for Suing Federal Government

The AP reports that the Supreme Court “will consider how strict deadlines should be for people to sue the federal government for negligence.” The court on Monday agreed to hear two cases “where lawsuits were filed too late,” and the AP notes that in both cases, “a federal appeals court ruled it was fair to let them […]

DOT Faces Suit Over Delayed Backup Camera Rule

There was continuing coverage of NHTSA’s decision to put backup cameras on its list of recommended safety features and of a lawsuit seeking to force NHTSA to act more quickly on a rule to require the installation of backup cameras on new vehicles. ABC devoted nearly two minutes of its evening news broadcast to the […]

Social Security Disability — Just the Facts

For some reason the Social Security disability program has come under attack recently from several media outlets. Reports are leaving the impression that the disability program is a hotbed of fraud and waste. This is totally untrue. The Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities’ Social Security Task Force prepared a study this month that shows exactly […]

Featured Link — All 659 Laws That Went Into Effect in Texas on September 1, 2013

I’ve written about some of the more important laws, especially driving laws, that went into effect in Texas on September 1. But there were a bunch more I haven’t mentioned — such as one that reinstated a $200 fine for not having a front license plate on your vehicle. My car doesn’t even have a […]

Texas Won’t Fight Farmers Insurance as it Raises Homeowner Rates

Here’s a real shocker (NOT!): Our only Insurance Commissioner, Eleanor Kitzman, has once again agreed to accept a rate increase from a homeowner’s insurance provider. Texas is locked in a relentless battle to retain our position as the state with the highest homeowner rates in the country. We were uncontested for many years, but then […]

Editorial: Insurance Regulator Should Be Protecting Consumers

I’ve written many times about our worse-than-worthless system of “regulating” insurance companies in Texas. My most recent complaint was just this month. Now the Dallas Morning News, in an editorial, is strongly protesting the actions of the new insurance commissioner, and suggesting she is protecting the carriers and hurting consumers (which of course she is). […]

Dallas County Cracks Down On Jury Duty No-Shows

I’ve been practicing law in Dallas for more than 40 years now. And for every bit of that time Dallas County has had a problem with people who are called for jury duty not showing up to serve. One reason it’s been a problem for so long is that there has essentially been no enforcement […]

Texas Financial Responsibility Law: Minimum Auto Liability Insurance Limits Have Increased

After an intolerable number of years at the same very low minimum limits, Texas automobile liability laws were changed over the past several years. The minimum policy amount went from $20,000 to $25,000, and then to the current $30,000. This information is from the Texas Department of Insurance. Texas law requires people who drive in […]

Editorial: Texas Should Raise Cap On Government Liability

One of the most frustrating situations for a personal injury attorney is to have a case in which the client has serious injuries, but the defendant does not have enough insurance or assets to pay enough to cover the client’s damages. One other way that situation arises is a case against a governmental entity, because […]

Texas Board Says It’s Falling Short in Regulating Bad Dentists

I like my dentist. And one of my best friends is a dentist. But this article in the Dallas Morning News makes me wonder about the degree of oversight exerted by the state agency responsible for licensing and regulating dentists. The bottom line, according to the article, is that oversight is poor at best. Here […]

Medicare’s Billion-Dollar Headache, and a Possible Solution

It may be unlikely that any piece of legislation, no matter how popular, can pass both houses of Congress in an election year. But when the Chamber of Commerce and the trial lawyers associations both agree on a proposed law it’s hard to think of an excuse not to pass it. The law involved is […]

Links to the Attorney General in Each State

Do you ever need to find information from another’s state’s Attorney General’s office? Here are links to each of them: Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New […]

Featured Link – is the main portal to all other U.S. government Web sites. It’s a great starting point for any federal information you need. Here is the description from the site: Whatever you want or need from the U.S. government, it’s here on Our Vision As the U.S. government’s official web portal, makes it easy […]

Who Represents Me in Washington and in Austin?

We are in the midst of some very bad legislative proposals, both in Washington and in Austin. Whether you’re concerned about the loss of Medicare (Washington) or passage of a corporate immunity bill (Austin), you should contact your representatives and make your concerns known. There is a handy site for Texas who want to know […]

Featured Link — Bill of Rights

Years ago I posted a link to the Constitution of the United States. Recent political discussions have prompted me to post another link — this one to the Bill of Rights. If you haven’t read it recently perhaps you should.

HHS Initiative Aims to Reduce Medical Errors and Cut Costs

Print media sources widely covered an announcement last week that the Obama Administration was partnering with hospitals, insurers and other groups in order to reduce medical errors. Most sources considered the move a positive for the Administration. The Los Angeles Times reports, “The Obama administration announced a broad new initiative Tuesday to reduce medical errors, […]

FDA Scales Back Changes to Medical Device-Approval System

The AP reports, “The Food and Drug Administration is laying out plans to update the 35-year-old system used to approve most medical devices.” Notably, the “agency announced a series of changes it plans to make this year, including streamlining the review process for some low-risk devices,” although “regulators said they will delay a decision on […]

Seriously? Wizard of Oz Glasses Are For Adults?

This is a decision I would have expected from the previous Administration, but not from the current one. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has reversed a decision it made last month. The original decision was for a recall of sets of Wizard of Oz drinking glasses because they contained up to 1000 times the federal […]

Texas Legislature Must Cut Homeowners Insurance Costs

I’ve written about the ridiculously high cost of homeowners insurance in Texas many times, most recently this November 18. Now the Beaumont Enterprise has published an editorial on this subject, and I completely agree with the newspaper. Here are excerpts: When the Legislature convenes in January, it has to do more than agree with fed-up […]