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7 Signs You May Need to Sue Your Employer

The law gives a lot of leeway to employers when it comes to managing employees. Still, there are cases when employers go too far. One of the reasons why civil court exists is to make up for the wrongs committed against other parties. If you feel your rights were violated by your employer, you may […]

How You Can Bring a Lawsuit Against Your Employer

You work hard for your money. You shouldn’t have to fight for proper treatment. No one wants to resort to litigation but if you feel that your employer has violated your rights and broken the law, what are your legal options? In most states, including Texas and New Jersey, the law is complex. An experienced […]

Employment Law: Do You Have a Wrongful Dismissal Case?

The anger and frustration that comes with losing a job may be motivation enough for anyone to turn around and sue their previous employer. However, there are very specific circumstances in which a former employee can successfully sue for being fired. Before you make that call to your lawyer, find out more about wrongful dismissal […]

Is It Legal To Fire Employees For Reasons Beyond Their Control?

When an illness or physical problem causes someone to miss an extended period of work, their employer might decide to fire them. Employees who are let go because of health issues may wonder if this is legal, and many are unsure if it is permissible to fire someone when the circumstances that led to their […]

Analyses: High Court Continues “Pro-Business Tilt” With Three New Rulings

USA Today reports that “a sharply divided Supreme Court sided with corporations against individuals in three cases last week,” which, taken together, “amplified the pro-business tilt of the court’s conservative majority.” All three cases, including two involving workplace discrimination that “prompted Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to call on Congress to intervene” and one that reversed a […]

EEOC Finds Increase in Job Discrimination Claims Based on Disability

The Associated Press reported, “The number of workers claiming job discrimination based on disability, religion or national origin surged to new highs last year, as federal job bias complaints overall stayed at near-record levels. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission said Wednesday that charges of disability discrimination rose by about 10 percent to 21,451 claims, the largest […]

EEOC Considering New Rules as Age Discrimination Complaints Surge

The Washington Post reports that during a public hearing at the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission headquarters, experts said that “rising unemployment has left older workers vulnerable to layoffs, because they are often stereotyped by employers as costing more money and being less adaptable to change. … The hearing included emotional testimony from several people […]

EEOC Seen as “Laughingstock” Following Ruling

This scathing opinion piece in the New York Times really rips into the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission after a report by an arbitrator finding the agency to be in violations of the laws it is supposed to be enforcing. Here is the short editorial: It sounds like a grim sweatshop joke, but the federal agency […]

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Sees Rise in Workplace Discrimination Cases

The Washington Times reports, "The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission this week said workplace discrimination charge filings in 2008 had spiked by 15 percent over the previous year with an 'unprecedented' 13,000 more cases reported." The acting chairman, Stuart Ishimaru said, "The EEOC has not seen an increase of this magnitude in charges filed for […]

Judges Can Adjust Jury Awards in Employment Cases to Account for Tax Burden?

The Legal Intelligencer (2/4, Duffy) reports, "Deepening a split in the federal circuits, the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that winning plaintiffs in employment discrimination cases may be entitled to an additional award to compensate for the tax consequences of receiving a backpay award in one lump sum." By way of the […]

Obama Signs Equal-Pay Bill Into Law

President Obama yesterday signed his first bill into law, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. USA Today (1/30, Jackson) reports the new law "makes it easier for workers to sue companies for pay discrimination and effectively reverses a 2007 Supreme Court decision that had given workers 180 days to file a lawsuit after the pay […]