Bicycle Helmet Rules Are Changed In Dallas


The City of Dallas has just changed its bicycle helmet laws. Until this week helmets were required for all riders of any age, although that law was enforced only sporadically. Now the helmet law no longer applies to adults aged 18 or over. Here are excerpts from an article in the Dallas Morning News:

Cyclists who are 18 or older no longer have to wear a helmet in Dallas.

The City Council on Wednesday partially repealed its bicycle helmet ordinance, which required all cyclists to wear one. Officials have debated for weeks whether to loosen the requirements as a way to encourage more cycling and launch a bike-sharing program.

“Kids, wear helmets,” said Mayor Mike Rawlings, who voted for the partial repeal. “Adults, wear helmets. … If there is any question, we believe in helmet wearing.”

The new rules go into effect immediately. And the fine for a first-time offense will remain $10, though court costs can tack on an additional $71 to the bill, officials said.

The council also tweaked other parts of the city’s bike rules. They deleted a provision that barred people from bringing bikes into public buildings. And they also cut rules that outlawed “stunt” riding, such as riding without touching the handlebars.

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