Well-Informed Social Security Disability Clients Are The Best Clients

Recently we were able to get Social Security Disability benefits for a young woman with severe Lupus.  Before she hired us, she took advantage of our offer of a free copy of our book “9 Fatal Mistakes Social Security Disability Claimants Make.”

We advise all individuals considering filing for Social Security Disability to read this book before applying or hiring a lawyer. Having first read the book and knowing how to avoid mistakes, this client’s case went very smoothly and benefits were awarded quickly.

In addition to our “9 Fatal Mistakes” book, our firm offers training courses on Social Security Disability to medical and social service professionals.

This training has been very popular in the Dallas / Fort Worth area among the nurses and social workers who interact with patients on questions of disability frequently. At Kraft & Associates, we are dedicated to getting claimants and health care professionals educated about Social Secuity Disability, Medicare, and Medicaid. There is a good chance the education you receive may prevent you from having to hire a lawyer at all. If your case is denied, however, we welcome the chance to assist you in getting any benefits you deserve. We also represent claimants at the initial application stage.

The North Texas Chapter of the LUPUS Foundation of America is an excellent source of information for individuals in the Metroplex. We had the great privilege of offering training to this group consisting of patients as well as health care professionals. I encourage you to reach out to this organization for information on Lupus and to visit their site.

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