Monthly Archives: April 2012

Civil Jury Trials Plummet in Texas

The “tort reform” movement in Texas over the past two decades has had a devastating effect on the rights of Texas citizens. At almost every opportunity the Legislature and the Supreme Court have taken away long-standing rights of consumers, and given more immunity to insurance companies, corporations, and medical providers. A side-effect of these changes, […]

Texas Ranks Second in Fatalities Involving Drivers 65 or Older

As a follow-up to yesterday’s post about Texas having thee cities ranked in the top ten worst for driving safety comes this report from the Dallas Morning News — Texas ranks second in the nation for highest traffic fatalities among people aged 65 and older. Here are excerpts from the article: In a recent report by […]

Fear of Driving? Avoid St. Louis and Dallas

A recent survey by Men’s Health magazine ranked Dallas as the second most dangerous city in the United States for drivers, behind only St. Louis. I’ve never driven in St. Louis, but it’s hard to imagine any place being worse than Dallas. With all the road construction, speeding drivers, and red light runners, you’re taking […]