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Friday Fun

This poor TV reporter makes a lousy car thief.

Toyota Does an About-Face on Reliability of Black Boxes in Its Vehicles

The Los Angeles Times reports that Toyota has often dismissed the data collected by its event data recorders as “unreliable” and collected by “unproven technology. … Now, facing continued claims that its vehicles are defective, Toyota appears to have done an about-face” and “has been citing data from black boxes in Toyota and Lexus vehicles […]

Tainted Food Sometimes Remains on Shelves Despite Recalls

Far too often, food contaminated during the manufacturing process is recalled, but word of the recall never reaches consumers or even the owners of grocery stores, according to an article in the Chicago Tribune. Here are some disturbing excerpts from the story: Until three years ago, Kenneth Maxwell enjoyed Banquet chicken and turkey pot pies so […]

Featured Link – American College of Gastroenterology

I’ve linked before to the American Gastroenterological Association. Here’s a similar organization, the American College of Gastroenterology, with additional resources for those who suffer from digestive difficulties. Here’s a description from the site: The mission of the American College of Gastroenterology shall be to advance the medical treatment and scientific study of gastrointestinal disorders. The […]

Toyota Still Doesn’t Get It

That was the headline in a New York Times editorial, referring to the auto maker’s repeated failure to report known safety defects to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Here are excerpts: The latest omission to be brought to light — and not by the automaker — regards problems with steering wheel relay rods, which […]

Featured Link – FocusDriven

FocusDriven is a group with a worthy cause — to reduce auto collisions caused by drivers who talk on the phone while driving. Here is a little information about them, from their site: Who We Are FocusDriven is an advocacy group for victims of motor vehicle crashes involving drivers using cell phones. We work with […]

Friday Fun

Fortunately, I’m not very susceptible to infomercials and rarely watch them. And I never watch any of the shopping networks. But I may have to change my thinking after seeing these epic infomercial fails. From the Huffington Post: Surely sleepless bouts of insomnia, or simple midday boredom has forced you to resort to watching some inane […]

Glaxo Ordered to End Avandia Drug Trial Enrollment

The Food and Drug Administration has ordered GlaxoSmithKline to stop enrolling people in a controversial clinical trial comparing diabetes drugs, and to notify more than 1,300 people already undergoing tests that they may be at greater risk for heart attacks because they have taken Avandia. The company has said it would comply with the FDA […]

Federal Grand Jury Subpoenas Toyota Over Potentially Faulty Steering Mechanisms

Bloomberg News (7/21, Ohnsman, Fisk) reports that a Federal grand jury in New York is compelling Toyota to “provide documents related to flaws in steering relay rods, the company said in a filing yesterday.” The piece alludes to NHTSA’s ongoing investigation into safety issues at the automaker, but notes that this issue “is separate from […]

When Cancer Won’t Bring a Social Security Check

This guest post is by Ms. Alexis Bonari. Although Social Security implemented changes in its “Malignant Neoplastic Diseases” criteria in November of 2009, determining disability as a result of cancer can still be difficult. In many cases, extra time is needed for Social Security to decide whether or not disability may be granted. This is […]

Panelist Who Backed Avandia Gets Fees From Glaxo

The drug companies just keep doing it — buying positive reviews and reports. The latest evidence of that is detailed in a Wall Street Journal article about GlaxoSmithKline and it’s diabetes drug Avandia. Here are excerpts: One of the panelists who voted in favor of the diabetes drug Avandia at a Food and Drug Administration […]

94 Arrested in Medicare Scams Totaling $251 Million

Almost 100 people were arrested last week for defrauding Medicare. I’m sure this is just a drop in the bucket of Medicare scams across the country. Everyone knows that Medicare poses perhaps the greatest risk to our country’s fiscal survival, and if we could root out more of these crooks it would certainly help our […]

Has Your Lawyer Been Disciplined?

Courtesy of FindLaw, there is a list of appropriate agencies in each state that can tell you, usually online, whether a lawyer has been disciplined in that state. In Texas you just visit the State Bar site. Here is an explanation from FindLaw: An important step in evaluating whether an attorney is right for you […]

State Farm Raising Texas Auto Insurance Rates Again

State Farm is at it again — raising auto insurance rates in Texas. Of course under our “business friendly” political environment, the state can’t prevent (even if it wanted to) premium increases. The State Farm increase is relatively small at an average of two percent. But multiply that by the 3,000,000 drivers insured by State […]

25% of Vehicles Uninsured in Dallas County

The Dallas area continues to have the highest percentage of uninsured drivers of all large urban areas in Texas, according to a new report from the State Department of Insurance. Statewide, more than 21% of vehicles are uninsured. In Dallas County, the figure is 25%, It is a violation of state law to not have […]

NHTSA Makes No Conclusions Yet in Toyota Acceleration Probe

The Detroit Free Press ran an article yesterday about the Toyota runaway acceleration problem and the possibility that some of the incidents may have been driver error. Here are excerpts: U.S. auto safety regulators have drawn no conclusions about whether drivers are to blame for sudden acceleration complaints in Toyota vehicles, the head of the […]

Friday Fun

This is a very simple, but very clever, video about the future of publishing. You must watch it at least to the halfway point to see the cleverness.

FDA Panel Votes to Keep Avandia on Market With More Restrictions

ABC World News (7/14, story 5, 0:25, Sawyer) reported, “A surprise decision on Avandia [rosiglitazone]. Advisers to the Food and Drug Administration recommended keeping Avandia on the market,” although most “advisers did recommend stricter warning labels and the FDA will now decide which course to take.” The New York Times (7/15, A1, Harris) reports on its […]

Driver Error Found in Some Toyota Acceleration Cases

The recent Toyota runaway acceleration cases may have a bit in common with the Audi cases from the 1980’s. Back then Audi took a huge public relations hit after a few well-publicized cases that were later determined to be driver error. Now similar reports are surfacing about Toyotas. Here are excerpts from a recent article […]

What “Tort Reform” Is, and Why It Matters to You

The Center for Justice & Democracy has an excellent set of questions and answers about tort reform. Anyone with an interest in this subject should read this information. Here is a description of the Center from its site: The Center for Justice & Democracy is the only national consumer organization in the country exclusively dedicated […]