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Boston Scientific Heart Defibrillator Recall Under Investigation

The Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission are investigating medical device maker Boston Scientific Corp.’s recent recall of implantable heart defibrillators, according to an internal company memorandum reviewed by The Wall Street Journal. Last year, Boston Scientific agreed to settle a Justice Department investigation into problems with Guidant Corp. defibrillators by paying $296 […]

How ‘Black Boxes’ Help in Car Crash Reconstructions

Should “black boxes” be mandatory in all vehicles? That’s one of the questions addressed in an article in USA Today. The article is lengthy, but interesting. Here are the opening paragraphs: When it comes to “black boxes” in cars, there’s one thing everyone from regulators to automakers agrees upon: These onboard crash-data recorders have their […]

Evenflo Recalls Top-of-Stair Plus Wood Gates Due to Fall Hazard

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced a product recall of the Evenflo Top-of-Stair™ Plus Wood Gates. About 150,000 units are affected, all manufactured by the Evenflo Company of Ohio, and sold at Toys “R” Us, Burlington Baby Depot, Kmart, and other stores. The hazard relates to the slats on the gate, which can break or […]

The Safest Car?

Each year automakers improve the safety of their models with advanced safety features and improved design and construction to help increase survivability, decrease injuries, and decrease repair expenses. From the introduction of safety glass in 1927, the padded dash and seat belts in the 1960s and 1970s, to the inclusion of “crumple zones” and electronic collision […]

Cancer Hazards of Tanning Beds May Lead to Federal Ban for Teenagers

The cancer hazard of tanning beds is a particular concern to me. I have had several employees over the years who visit tanning salons far too frequently, against my fatherly advice. I was just as bad when I was young, although since we didn’t have tanning beds, I just played outdoors to get tan. But […]

Friday Fun

Here are 125 “rare” old photos of celebrities. Some are very interesting. A couple are sort of R-rated. Madonna, Detroit 1976

The Tort Reform Crowd Thinks This Was A Frivolous Lawsuit

This was the headline of a recent post on the excellent Boston Personal Injury Blog, written by Massachusetts attorney Alan H. Crede. With Alan’s permission, I am reprinting his post here: Reading the tort reform blog, I came across a link captioned: “‘Ford failed to warn seating unsafe for obese persons’ suit fails.” Sounds pretty […]

Replace Stop Signs That Waste Your Time

This is such a great idea I don’t know why it hasn’t been implemented. It could save many hours of time and many millions of dollars. Watch this short video and let me know what you think.

Clay Jenkins Recommended for Dallas County Judge by Dallas Morning News

Attorney Clay Jenkins has again been recommended in an editorial by the Dallas Morning News for the position of Dallas County Judge. In the primary election Mr. Jenkins was also endorsed by the Dallas Morning News and he came within 85 votes of winning outright, without a runoff election. Now in the runoff, he has […]

Featured Link – Top 50 Newspaper Blogs

I worked my way through college and law school at a newspaper, and it saddens me to see the current loss of readership. I hope papers can find a business model that allows them to survive. That will almost certainly include some form of online information, so I was interested to see this list of […]

No Settlement in $58,000,000 Judgment Against Homebuilder Bob Perry

The seemingly endless lawsuit between two homeowners and their builder will continue, now that post-verdict mediation has failed. An article in the New York Times reports that settlement discussions have broken down between Robert and Jane Cull, and Perry Homes. This is a very long tale to tell, and I won’t repeat it here, but […]

Toyota Warned Dealers of Throttle Surging in 2002 and Recommended an Electronic Repair

CNN is reporting on what might possibly be a “smoking gun” in the repeated Toyota recalls for unexpected acceleration. According to the report, Toyota warned dealers in 2002 that some Camry owners were complaining of surging throttles and Toyota recommended adjustments in an electronic control unit to fix the problem. This is quite different from […]

Avandia Diabetes Drug Supporters Had Financial Ties to Glaxo

A disturbing report by the Mayo Clinic alleges that about 90% of the scientists who published articles supporting GlaxoSmithKline’s diabetes drug Avandia had financial ties to the company, as reported by Bloomberg News. Here are excerpts from the article: The Mayo researchers examined more than 200 articles that appeared after an analysis in the New England […]

Featured Link – Partnership for Prescription Assistance

The Partnership for Prescription Assistance helps qualifying patients without prescription drug coverage get the medicines they need through the program that is right for them. Many will get their medications free or nearly free. This is a helpful site. Take a look.

Featured Link – Consumers Guide to the Health Reform Bill

This summary of the health care reform bill passed by the House yesterday is very readable. I can’t vouch for the accuracy of all the information here, but I didn’t notice any glaring errors. It’s a good starting point for those who want more information about the effect on them of this historic legislation. The […]

Graco Recalls Harmony High Chairs Due to Fall Hazard

This press release is from the Consumer Product Safety Commission. If you have one of these high chairs you need to stop using it immediately. WASHINGTON, D.C. – The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with the firm named below, today announced a voluntary recall of the following product. Consumers should stop using product […]

Despite Traffic Fatalities, Some Police Don’t Wear Seat Belts On Duty

The fact that many police officers don’t wear seat belts on duty came as a surprise to me. You would think that the police, more than anyone except possibly emergency medical technicians, would realize the hazards of driving unbelted. The Houston Chronicle recently ran a long investigative story about this subject. Please read the article. […]

Toyota Wrap-Up for the Week

The AP (3/18) reports that according to a new report from the California Highway Patrol, “an officer saw brake lights flashing after arriving to help slow a speeding Toyota Prius on a Southern California freeway. The lights were on ‘for a period of time and would turn off, indicating the driver was possibly pumping the brakes,’ […]

Friday Fun

This is the strangest way I have ever seen a cat drink!

State Farm Plans Second Rate Hike in Eight Months for Home Policies

State Farm Insurance told the state last week that it intends to raise its homeowners rate 4.5 percent statewide starting May 1, only eight months after the company boosted rates 8.8 percent, as reported by the Dallas Morning News. I have written many times about the ridiculous laws and regulations in Texas that have kept […]