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FDA Looking Into Tylenol Arthritis Pain Caplets Recall

ABC World News (12/30, story 8, 1:20, Muir) reported that “Johnson & Johnson is recalling Tylenol Arthritis Pain Caplets, after consumers grew concerned about nasty side effects.” Correspondent David Kerley explained, “Tylenol arthritis caplets with an easy cap have been taken off shelves, all…bottles produced in the past three years.” J&J “says a chemical seeped […]

Toyota Alleged to Keep Tight Lid on Potential Safety Problems

An extensive investigation by the Los Angeles Times shows what that newspaper says is a deliberate attempt by automaker Toyota to deny vehicle defects and delay product recalls. The entire article is well worth reading. These are only the opening paragraphs: During a routine test on its Sienna minivan in April 2003, Toyota Motor Corp. […]

Texas Homeowners’ Insurance Rates Drop to Number Two

That headline is misleading, because homeowner insurance rates for Texans have actually risen, again, as always. The tiny sliver of good news for us is that Florida homeowner rates have risen even further than Texas, so we have temporarily lost our long-held position as the state with the highest insurance rates in the nation. I […]

Recall of Tylenol Arthritis Pain Caplets Expanded

NBC Nightly News (12/29, story 6, 0:25, Williams) reported, “The drugmaker Johnson & Johnson is expanding its own voluntary recall of one of its Tylenol products.” The Chicago Tribune reports that J&J “is expanding a voluntary recall of Tylenol Arthritis Pain Caplets due to consumer reports of a moldy smell that can cause nausea and […]

Brake Failures Alleged for Toyota Prius

An article at TheDetroitBureau Web site points to more potential problems for Toyota. This time the alleged defect concerns the brakes on the new Prius model. In this new version of the popular hybrid, the battery recharges as the vehicle decelerates. To quote the article, “…it appears that the transition from regenerative braking to hydraulic […]

Boston Scientific Pays $22 Million in Dispute Over Alleged Guidant Kickbacks

The AP reported that “heart device maker Boston Scientific will pay $22 million to resolve allegations its Guidant division paid kickbacks to doctors to get them to use its heart devices” according to US attorneys. The physicians received between $1,000 and $1,500 “each in 2003 and 2004 to participate in four studies, called RaCE, RaCE […]

Manufacturers Of Children’s Products Must Keep List of Purchasers

As reported by the Associated Press, the Consumer Product Safety Commission is going to require the manufacturers of products for infants and toddlers to find ways to contact consumers who have purchased their products. In that way, the manufacturers can alert the consumers directly in case of a product recall or safety concern. This would […]

Friday Fun

Merry Christmas to you all. I hope you enjoy this terrific song.

“Tort Reform” Won’t Fix Health Care

In an op-ed article in the Baltimore Sun, attorney Wayne M. Willoughby makes a convincing argument that “tort reform” is not the solution to high healthcare costs. Here are excerpts from the article: For months now, national Republicans and their media supporters have attempted to divert the health care debate away from improving access to […]

Who Was Supposed To Be Watching Grandma?

There is a popular tune played this time of year called “Grandma Got Run Over by A Reindeer” which relates that Grandma — after drinking too much eggnog — went out into the winter cold to get her medication and was run over by a reindeer. The question is, “Who was supposed to be watching […]

Friday Fun

The DudePerfect guys are all over the Internet, but if you haven’ seen these amazing basketball shots, check them out.

Energy-Efficient Traffic Lights Can’t Melt Snow

Fortunately, those of us in Dallas don’t have to worry much about this problem reported by the Associated Press. Apparently in some northern cities drivers have discovered that new energy-efficient traffic lights with LED bulbs don’t burn hot enough to melt snow that accumulates around them. As a result, the lights become obscured, drivers can’t […]

Fast Facts About Arthritis

We recently attended the Commitment To A Cure Arthritis Breakfast in Dallas hosted by the Texas Chapter of the Arthritis Foundation. Their public health, public policy, and research goals are aimed at finding a cure for the 46 million individuals suffering from arthritis.  In keeping with our goal to educate our readers, we would like […]

Citing Strangulation Risk, CPSC Recalls Thousands of Window Shades

In yet another recall (How many different recalls of window shades will it take before all the deadly ones are off the market?), the CPSC has warned consumers about the hazards associated with these devices. NBC Nightly News (12/15, lead story, 3:50, Williams) reported, “The federal government reached about as far into American homes as […]

Tipping Point: CPSC Urges Parents to Inspect and Secure TVs, Furniture, and Appliances to Prevent Tip-Over Deaths and Injuries

The Consumer Product Safety Commission recently issued this warning to parents of small children. Even with more people switching to flat-screen television sets, far too many children are still being injured or even killed by large TVs tipping over onto the children. By visiting the CPSC site you can view a video about this potential […]

Who Is Seeing Your Prescription Drug Information?

The Los Angeles Times reports on the practice of data mining by drugmakers, explaining that the companies can obtain prescribing “data from pharmacies and health insurers, [allowing them to] learn the prescribing habits of thousands of doctors. That information has become not just a powerful sales and marketing tool for the pharmaceutical industry but also […]

Sleep Apnea and Social Security Disability

Many of our Social Security Disability clients suffer from sleep apnea. Individuals suffering from this disorder frequently experience: excessive daytime sleepiness (e.g., falling asleep easily and inappropriately), memory problems, and frequent awakenings during the night, often with snoring. The course of prescribed treatment can include positional therapy (e.g., not sleeping on the back), oral or […]

Social Security Sending Corrected Benefit Notices

This press release was posted today by the Social Security Administration: The Social Security Administration earlier this month mailed notices that contained incorrect January 2010 payment dates.  These erroneous notices went to about 6 million beneficiaries who receive their payments on either the second, third, or fourth Wednesday of each month, and are part of […]

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Here’s a strange little video showing, among other things, people who narrowly escaped death or disaster. It’s poor quality, but I bet you watch it more than once.