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13 Year Old Boy Killed Riding ATV Without Helmet or Seatbelt

My friend and avid all terrain vehicle rider Jim Coughlin sent me a sad story about a Knox, New York (near Albany) boy who was killed yesterday while riding an ATV. The ATV was apparently being ridden by two teenage boys, neither of whom was wearing a helmet or using a seat belt. The ATV […]

Samsung Recalls Cell Phones That May Not Call 911

Samsung is voluntarily recalling about 160,000 cell phones that might refuse to make an emergency call when in a no-service area. The Federal Communications Commission requires that a wireless phone be able to reach a 911 call center even when out of range. The device should be able to piggyback off another network in the […]

Friday Fun

A big Thank You to my friend Allison Shields of LegalEase Consulting for pointing out this wonderful Web site featuring law firm photos of associates, with snarky captions added. It’s cruel, yes, but it’s such fun. Check out Litinations.

60,000 Trampolines Recalled

The Orlando Sentinel reports, “About 60,000 trampolines have been voluntarily recalled by Skywalker Holdings LLC after the company received more than 250 reports of straps that support the top of the equipment’s enclosure breaking, the Consumer Product Safety Commission said.” Play sets recalled by Toys R Us. The Los Angeles Times reports, “The Consumer Product […]

Fiat Attempts to “Dodge” Product Liability Lawsuits

In the Wheels Blog on the New York Times website Christopher Jensen wrote, “Lawyers for Fiat said on Tuesday that in taking over a bankrupt Chrysler, it would be an unfair burden if Fiat had to be responsible for product-liability lawsuits filed over vehicles built by the old Chrysler.” He adds that “this means even […]

Thousands of Children Injured on Treadmills

Following the tragic death of Mike Tyson’s 4-year-old daughter, the Baltimore Sun reported that thousands of children each year are injured on treadmills. Many of the injuries are just scrapes and bruises from falling off the treadmill, but some are more serious, such as broken bones. Often a child will get his or her hand […]

Featured Link – 50 Best Blogs for Law Librarians

From comes this list of the 50 best blogs for law librarians. Check it out.

Massachusetts Considers Law That Allows Doctors To Say They’re Sorry

We need a law that lets doctors say “I’m sorry”? Yes, according to the Massachusetts Legislature. Here’s part of a story from Lawmakers are considering a bill that would let doctors say “I’m sorry” without admitting they made a medical mistake. Doctors have long expressed frustration that showing any compassion toward patients or their […]

Attempt to Regulate Hydroxycut Products Shows Limits of FDA’s Power Over Supplements

The Los Angeles Times reported, “The push to get Hydroxycut products off the market is the first test of legislation and federal regulations that have given the Food and Drug Administration some new regulatory powers over the herbal supplements industry.” Dietary supplement makers are required to adhere to “specific manufacturing standards,” and “to notify the […]

Sara Lee Accuses Oscar Mayer of False Advertising

The AP reports that a “lawsuit focused on advertising and product claims filed this week by Sara Lee Corp., the maker of Ball Park Franks, against Oscar Mayer-making rival Kraft Foods Inc. is the latest turn in the summer wiener wars.” In the suit, “Sara Lee alleges that Oscar Mayer’s claims that its Jumbo Beef […]

Featured Link –

Do you use Twitter a lot? Do you worry about losing a record of your friends and fans, and your old tweets? You can back up all that at It’s very simple to do, and dumps everything into a spreadsheet file.

Federal Law Requires Public Pools To Update Drain Systems

The Salt Lake Tribune reports, “A federal law requires public pools and spas, including at apartment complexes, condos, hotels and schools, to install anti-entrapment drain systems and special grates to prevent fingers, jewelry, hair and bodies from being trapped.” While, “The Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act became effective in December…seasonal pools don’t […]

Friday Fun

Factory Balls is a simple little game that will let you waste time while you’re on boring phone calls. Just be sure to mute the sound!

Medtronic List of Consultants Omits Name of Surgeon Accused of Falsifying Data in Study

The Wall Street Journal reports, “US Sen. Charles Grassley expressed concern that a list of consultants provided to him by Medtronic Inc. doesn’t include a doctor accused of falsifying data in a favorable study of the company’s Infuse bone-graft product.” The list “of 22 consultants provided to Sen. Grassley as part of a request for […]

EPA Finds High Amounts of Sulfur in Chinese Drywall

The Wall Street Journal reported, “Recently concluded tests by the Environmental Protection Agency showed that Chinese-made drywall has high amounts of sulfur, which isn’t commonly found in U.S. drywall.” Also, “Strontium levels and iron concentrations were significantly higher in the imported wallboard, which…included the presence of two organic compounds associated with acrylic paints.” Now, “some […]

Obama Undoes Bush Pre-Emption Policies

The AP reports, “The Obama White House on Wednesday undid a Bush administration policy that used federal regulations to undermine a wide range of state health, safety and environmental laws” many of which “limited the ability of injured consumers to sue companies in state courts.” This is the latest move by the Obama administration to […]

Featured Link – Atlas of Human Anatomy in Cross Section

The Atlas of Human Anatomy in Cross Section is helpful to our firm as we work on personal injury and Social Security disability cases. This site has excellent illustrations of various parts of the body, leading to a better understanding of our clients injuries and conditions. Here is information from the site: What is Anatomy […]

Supreme Court Ruling In Iqbal Case May Hurt Every Civil Law Plaintiff

The National Law Journal reports, “A U.S. Supreme Court ruling on Monday could make it significantly harder for plaintiffs in a broad range of cases to survive defendants’ motions to dismiss, according to experts in civil procedure.” Alan Morrison, former head of Public Citizen Litigation Group, said, “This is very bad for plaintiffs.” In addition, […]

Featured Link – WolframAlpha

WolframAlpha is essentially an Internet search engine, in the same manner that Google is an Internet search engine. But WolframAlpha focuses on computational searches, and is simply astonishing in the depth of information it can present, and in the form that presentation takes. I have wasted long stretches of time playing with this search engine. […]

Naked X-Rays – Will They Stop Terrorism?

I recently had the pleasure of getting one of these “naked X-rays” at the airport in Raleigh, North Carolina. I was irritated at having to go through the procedure, not because I think there’s anyone perverted enough to be interested in a naked photo of an old man, but because I had to take everything […]