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Featured Link – Texas Department Of Assistive And Rehabilitative Services

From the Web site of the Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services: The Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services, or DARS, administers programs that ensure Texas is a state where people with disabilities, and children who have developmental delays, enjoy the same opportunities as other Texans to live independent and productive lives. The department […]

Pilot Program Works In Catching Uninsured Drivers

I’ve written before about the pilot program underway in Texas to catch uninsured motorists. The program has been in test mode long enough now for some results to come in. According to the Dallas Morning News, it’s working in Austin. Here are excerpts from a story today: A pilot program to catch uninsured motorists in […]

Social Security Launches New Retirement Estimator

The Social Security Administration has made available a new online tool for calculating retirement benefits. Here is the description from the Social Security Administration Web site: Social Security is proud to announce the new “Retirement Estimator” at Getting a personalized online estimate of your future retirement benefits is now easier than ever before. The […]

Compromise Reached On Product Safety Bill

The House and Senate have finally reached a compromise agreement on a products safety bill that has been many months in the planning. The result seems to be a victory for consumers. The bill, which is expected to be signed by President Bush, will increase funding of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, and will require […]

Featured Link –

There’s a new rival to search engine powerhouse Google —this time from former Google employees. Their new site is, and here is their explanation: Welcome to Cuil—the world’s biggest search engine. The Internet has grown. We think it’s time search did too. The Internet has grown exponentially in the last fifteen years but search […]

Yet Another Texas Child Left Inside Hot Car Dies

Another North Texas infant has died after being left in a hot car yesterday. This is so terribly tragic, so utterly predictable, and so completely preventable. It’s summer in Texas, people. It gets hot. Yesterday was about 105 degrees. That’s in the shade. The interior of a car in the sun will be much, much […]

Featured Link – – Health Care Ratings

The Web site CiteHealth lets you "Give your health care providers a checkup." From the site: CiteHealth is a health care ratings website for consumers to evaluate their health care providers quality in an effort to enable them to make informed decisions about medical care they may be receiving. We accomplish this by providing free […]

Featured Link – Inflation Calculator

Ever wonder what a dollar’s worth of groceries in 1929 would cost today? Well, I can tell you that one — $12.61. But if you have any other questions like that you can visit the inflation calculator on the Web site of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minnesota.

Friday Fun

Cute sign about unattended kids at a store.

Helping Clients Who Have Language Challenges

Guest Post By Cheryl Stephens —thanks Cheryl. Lawyers who represent people with language challenges or other disabilities ought to be aware that many of those disabilities can affect their clients’ ability to process information. But you can help make it easier, and make things go more smoothly for your clients and yourself. Try these tips: […]

Dallas Area Ranks 3rd In Mail Carrier Dog Bites

Here’s an interesting fact: Dallas ranks number three in the nation for most postal employees bitten by dogs. For more information about dog bites in general, visit our Web site at Here are excerpts from a Dallas Morning News story about the mail carriers: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in […]

Study: Sick Truckers Causing Fatal Wrecks

The Dallas Morning News has reported a shocking story about long-haul truckers who are legally disabled yet continuing to drive. These drivers have contributed to many fatal collisions. This story was especially timely to our law firm because two lawyers from our firm are in trial this week in a case in which a driver […]

Featured Link – – ERISA Information

Need to know something about ERISA plans? Chances are, you’ll find the answer at BenefitsLink. Welcome! Our goal is to help you, the employee benefits professional, do your job. Every day we link you to the freshest news, analysis, opinions and government documents about employee benefit plans. Our coverage emphasizes compliance, administration, design (especially cost […]

Facebook Gets A Facelift

An increasing number of lawyers are using the social networking Web site Facebook for making connections with lawyers in other practice areas or other geographic areas. Personally, I have three of my firm’s blogs listed at Facebook, and encourage readers to join the Kraft & Associates Blog Network there. A story today by the Associated […]

Why Doctors Should Worry About Preemption

Doctors, trial lawyers, and consumers actually have mutual interests in the continuing battle over "preemption." Preemption is the doctrine, whether by statute or case law that basically says if a product, such as a medical device or drug, is approved by an underfunded and understaffed federal agency, then consumers who are later harmed because the […]

Featured Link – Mesothelioma Support Groups

From the very good Web site of the Mesothelioma & Asbestos Awareness Center comes this information about support available for those who have been diagnosed with this terrible disease. Mesothelioma Support With the numbers steadily rising for those infected with diseases caused by asbestos contact, more resources and guidance are available. Support resources have skyrocketed […]

Texas Needs Homeowner Insurance Rate Relief

The Dallas Morning News published a good letter to the editor today regarding the outrageous homeowner insurance premiums in Texas. The letter is from the executive director of Texas Watch. Re: "Let Deregulation Work – Prices for homeowners insurance have fallen," Monday Editorials. The insurance industry continues to sell the idiotic notion that the rates […]

Friday Fun

I’m sorry, this is blatantly political, but it’s just so funny. If you’re a Republican please do not watch Bush Tours America To Survey Damage Caused By His Presidency.

Featured Link –

A county bar association in the state of Nevada has published an excellent Web site filled with information for teens who turn 18 and become legal adults. The name of the site is NowThatYouAre18. While much of the information is based on Nevada law, quite a bit of it is universally helpful. If you have […]

Texas Has Hired Ineligible People To Care For The Disabled

A disturbing story in the Dallas Morning News gives details from a state audit finding that Texas has hired caregivers who should have been ineligible due to past records of abuse. Here are excerpts: The state institutions for people with disabilities are failing to find community-based homes for many patients who want them, and have […]