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Friday Fun

This isn’t really a normal Friday Fun post. It’s just interesting and thought-provoking. Thanks to my friend Matt Homann for pointing it out. The idea is to write a memoir in just six words. My first thought: "Loved his family, helped his clients." Check out the video.

Texas Supreme Court Justices Take Years To Handle Cases

Update: now you can see the presentation of this Supreme Court story made on the ABC TV station in Dallas February 27, 2008. From the consumer group Texas Watch comes this press release about the Texas Supreme Court: TEXAS SUPREME COURT JUSTICES TAKE YEARS TO HANDLE CASESInefficiency of High Court Justices to Blame for Backlog […]

Central Nervous System Vascular Accident And Social Security Disability

A Central Nervous System Vascular Accident, generally called a stroke, can have devastating long term effects. It can cause problems with a victim’s speech, movement, vision, hearing and even the ability to understand. According to a 2005 government survey, the results of which were released early in 2008, stroke was the third leading cause of […]

Friday Fun

I hadn’t played Mah Jongg in years until I stumbled across this online version. Very relaxing.

Tips On Preventing Identity Theft

The Federal Trade Commission has some excellent information on their Web site regarding identity theft — how it happens and how you can help prevent it. Here are a few excerpts from the government’s site: FIGHTING BACK AGAINST IDENTITY THEFTIdentity theft is a serious crime. It occurs when your personal information is stolen and used […]

Medical Insurers Agree To Pay For Online Doctor Visits

Here’s a potentially exciting development in the area of health insurance — carriers may start paying for online medical consultations. More and more doctors and clinics are making themselves available to their patients online, usually for simple questions. This process can save the hassle and the expense of an in-office medical visit. If carriers will […]

Another Twist In Bizarre Case Of Supreme Court Justice Medina

As reported in the Dallas Morning News, the arson case against the family of Texas Supreme Court justice David Medina just won’t go away. Here are excerpts from the latest story: Six members of the grand jury that indicted a Texas Supreme Court justice and his wife over a house fire have filed a lawsuit […]

Friday Fun

As an employer, I’m hesitant to mention this site, but at least I’ll know what to look for if any of my employees try to use a note from Here’s their description: You’ll discover all types of exciting absence notes and here are some examples and potential uses from "" – Note for someone […]

One Reason People Don’t Like Personal Injury Lawyers

The Associated Press is running a story about out-of-state lawyers swooping in to the grief stricken town of Port Wentworth, Georgia in an effort to get clients from the sugar refinery explosion that happened there recently. While legal, and probably ethical, this type of vulture advertising is just plain sleazy. It taints all personal injury […]

Which Presidential Candidate Is Your Best Match?

This is another of those Web sites that lets you put in your political priorities, and then it tells you which presidential candidate best matches up with your interests. This one is a little better than most because it lets you put extra weight on you most important interests. Check it out. VoteMatch USA 2008 […]

Bipolar Disorder And Social Security Disability Benefits

Bipolar disorder is a mental disorder which results in extreme emotional changes and mood swings. Most people with Bipolar disorder alternate between extreme “Highs” (in which their mind races and they sometimes engage in bizarre and irrational behavior) to deep Lows” (in which they have suicidal thoughts and unhappiness).  According to the National Institute for […]

Friday Fun

Here’s another addicting little game — Smiley Ball.

New Jersey Lawyer Sent To Jail For Soliciting Cases reports that the first lawyer to be sentenced under a recent New Jersey law will be sent to jail in March for soliciting personal injury clients. Good riddance. In Texas, it’s a felony for a lawyer, or anyone acting on behalf of a lawyer, to contact an accident victim to try to get that […]

Researchers Find Potentially Dangerous Side Effects Of Arthritis Drug Celebrex

This article was posted today by the University of Buffalo (UB) in its online journal, The Spectrum. The conclusion is that the arthritis drug Celebrex can induce irregular heartbeat rhythms. Here are excerpts:     On average, over one million Celebrex prescriptions are filled each month, according to the Celebrex Web site. Unlike Vioxx, an […]

A New Way To Locate Missing Alzheimer Patients

A new company has come up with what seems to be a unique solution for the increasing problem of Alzheimer patients who wander away. The company provides a wristband that can be remotely activated, and will then link to a GPS satellite and reveal the location of the patient. Check it out at The […]

Friday Fun

If you lived through the 1970’s, that decade of of enormously bad taste unique in American history, you will appreciate this collection of photos from Olan Mills, Sears, and other photo studios.