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Eli Lilly In Settlement Talks With U.S. Over Zyprexa

The New York Times is reporting that drug maker Eli Lilly is in settlement talks with the federal government regarding  the company’s marketing of the antipsychotic drug Zyprexa. The talks could result in Lilly’s paying more than $1 billion to federal and state governments — the largest such settlement in history. Here are excerpts from […]

Virginia “Bad Driver” Law Is Backfiring

My friend, Virginia lawyer Ben Glass, has written about the recent (and ridiculous) Virginia laws that charge bad drivers enormous fines. Besides the outrage from drivers being fined literally thousands of dollars for minor traffic violations, there now exists the very real possibility that hundreds of thousands of drivers could have their licenses suspended for […]

Texas Supreme Court Backlog Reaches Record Level

I have mixed feelings about the story in the Dallas Morning News today reporting that the backlog of cases pending before the Texas Supreme Court has reached a record level. On the one hand, if the justices would quit illegally using their campaign funds for frequent trips home, maybe they could clear more cases. On […]

Texas Supreme Court Is Simply Out Of Control

I have written a couple of times about the recent ethics charges against certain justices on our Texas Supreme Court, and many times about the moral challenges this Court seems unable to overcome. Now Paul Burka has today written an excellent post on his blog about the same subjects. I encourage everyone to read his […]

Library Of Congress Photo Collection

I’m sure there must be a legal application for this, but you’ll have to figure that out on your own. For me, the photographic collection from the U.S. Library of Congress is just interesting.

Texas Supreme Court & Ethics Laws — A Bad Mix?

This is getting ridiculous. Now we have three Texas Supreme Court justices under ethics investigations. And one of the three just had criminal charges controversially dismissed in an unrelated matter. There have been a series of stories recently in the Dallas Morning News about these justices. Here are excerpts from the latest: Texas Supreme Court […]

Friday Fun

Do you love golf? Do you have a job? That’s a bad combination. But now you can spend your working hours playing photo-realistic golf on your computer, keeping one eye on the screen and one eye out for the boss. Visit WorldGolfTour for a stunningly realistic demo game. The site is in beta development now, […]

Baby Boomer Retirement – What Effect Will It Have On Social Security Solvency?

(This post was written for inclusion in the upcoming Facing Up blog carnival on Social Security.) What effect will aging Baby Boomers have on the Social Security retirement and disability programs? Huge might be an understatement. The Baby Boom generation is defined as those roughly 80 million Americans born between 1946 and 1964. The first […]

Finding Wi-Fi On The Road

I’ve written before about finding Wi-Fi hot spots on the road. It’s getting easier to do as more and more businesses and hotels offer connections. In Texas, all the highway rest stops have Wi-Fi now, and other states are joining this trend. Besides the usual Starbucks hot spots, Wi-Fi can be found in many public […]

Allstate Temporarily Banned From Florida

As reported in the Florida Sun-Sentinel, the State of Florida temporarily banned Allstate insurance Company from doing business in Florida because of Allstate’s failure to turn over certain documents in an investigation into Allstate’s pricing practices. The ban was enacted by the State Department of Insurance, but lifted later by a District Court. The decision […]

Is There Anything Politicians Won’t Lie About?

OK, this is just a silly little thing, but it completely plays into the attitude so many people have now about our politicians — they never let truth stand in the way of getting a vote. According to CNN, A mailer from a congressional candidate’s campaign contains a photo of his head attached to an […]

Indictment Against Texas Supreme Court Justice Is Dismissed

The curious story of Republican Texas Supreme Court Justice David Medina and his wife just keeps getting curiouser. Justice Medina and his wife have been the subject of a great deal of talk since their suburban Houston home burned down last summer. At the time, the Medinas were in financial distress. Yesterday, the Medinas were […]

Friday Fun

This astonishing video of a young Korean online skater has been around a while, but if you haven’t seen it, take a look. In fact, if you have already seen it, watch it again. It’s amazing. and there are more like it at Joystick6. Click the arrow twice to view.

Multiple Sclerosis And Social Security Disability

"But you look so good," is something that people often think or say when they meet someone with Multiple Sclerosis. However Multiple Sclerosis, or MS, can be a debilitating disease. Social Security recognizes MS as grounds for disability under Social Security Listing 11.09. The Listing requires a person with MS to have: 1. Disorganized motor […]

Social Security Disability – A “Culture To Deny”?

CBS News ran a story this week about the "culture to deny" of the current Social Security disability system. Here are excerpts: Each year, millions of people who are disabled from an accident or disease turn to the federal government for Social Security disability payments – a benefit that every worker who is declared disabled […]

The Truth About Medical Malpractice Litigation

Here is a very good discussion of the medical malpractice insurance crisis by the Center for Justice & Democracy.

Featured Link – Find Out If Someone Has Died

Whether you’re trying to locate a defendant in a personal injury claim or just curious about a long-lost acquaintance, sometimes you might wonder if the person has passed away. I’ve written before about the very helpful Social Security Death Index. Now a fellow member of the Dallas Trial Lawyers Association has reminded me about […]

How To Burglarproof Your Home

My friend, Fairfax, Virginia business lawyer David Z. Kaufman, recommended this article on how to burglarproof your home. David is a personal safety expert, and the article is an excellent one.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance Company Attempts To Defraud The Court

WFAA TV in Dallas reports that a Texas District Court judge has ruled that the state’s largest workers’ compensation insurance carrier committed fraud against an injured worker. It is interesting to note that this insurance company has lobbied extensively before the Texas Legislature for immunity from bad faith claims arising from the wrongful denial of  […]

Friday Fun

Help! Bird flu is threatening to spread from Asia to England. Only you can stop its progress, by shooting all the birds. Warning: this game features blood and feathers.