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Link of the Day – is a Web site with information about almost every conceivable aspect of lending and borrowing and other financial transactions. You’ll find calculators, articles, tips, warnings, and many other helpful bits of information. Check it out before you make any financial decisions.

Link of the Day – National Institute On Deafness

The National Institute on Deafness is one of the agencies included in the federal government’s National Institutes of Health. Their obvious focus is on the hearing paired, and their Web site includes all kinds of information about diagnosing, treating, and living with this impairment. Here is the mission Statement from their Web site: Mission The […]

Link of the Day – is a site with tons of information about diseases and other health matters. Lots of news articles, book recommendations, and chat forums. Here is information about the site: is a thriving community and information resource for patients, caregivers, and families coping with diseases, disorders and chronic illness. Our goal is simple….to help people […]

Link of the Day – Texas Watch Questions Justice Hecht’s Impartiality

As a follow-up to my mention Thursday about the editorial in the Austin American Statesman about Texas Supreme Court Justice Nathan Hecht’s $447,000 legal defense fund, here is a link to the consumer organization Texas Watch. Texas Watch has done a study of Justice Hecht’s rulings on cases involving law firms that donated to his […]

Link of the Day – Friday Fun

I have to "thank" my friend Tom Mighell for finding yet another way for me to waste my time — the addicting game of Shuffle.

Can A Judge Really Ignore $447,000 In Donations?

The Austin American-Statesman ran an interesting editorial piece recently about donations to Texas Supreme Court Justice Nathan Hecht’s legal defense fund. The donations were from lawyers and law firms, mostly those who represent big business interests. The editorial asks if Justice Hecht will be able to rule fairly now when those same lawyers appear before […]

Link of the Day – Hannah’s House – Supervised Child Visitation And Exchange

Hannah’s House opened its doors in late 2001 in response to new legislation which gave judges more latitude to order supervised visitation in cases where there were possible risks to the children involved due to domestic violence, child abuse or neglect.  The Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex had already seen first-hand a number of tragic cases where […]

Link of the Day – Hispanic National Bar Association

The Hispanic National Bar Association (HNBA) is an incorporated, non-profit, national association representing the interest of over 33,000 U.S. Hispanic attorneys, judges, law professors, legal professionals, legal assistants or paralegals, and law students in the United States. The mission of the HNBA is to improve the study, practice, and administration of justice for all by […]

Link of the Day –

FaganFinder is a terrific search engine site, with many, many options for fine-tuning your search. Here is part of their explanation: Basics of Fagan FinderTo use Fagan Finder’s search tools, type text into the textbox at the top of any of the search pages (includes the home page). Then select which option you want to […]

Link of the Day – Spam Filter Traps Law Firms Must Avoid

The delightful Jim Calloway, in his great Law Practice Tips Blog has a recent message that every lawyer should read. Jim talks about a firm that had important e-mail correspondence from a court get lost to the firm’s spam filter. As a result, the firm was hit with a large sanctions judgment. Don’t get trapped […]

Link of the Day – Dallas Housing Crisis Center

The Housing Crisis Center provides housing programs and other services to those in need. Here is information from their Web site: HOUSING CRISIS CENTER Making Our Community a Better Home for Everyone Services at the Housing Crisis Center (HCC) began in 1978 as the Dallas Tenants’ Association. HCC has since grown to its current continuum […]

Link of the Day – Alternatives To Wikipedia

I made this post last year: The logo of Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia open to anyone to add to or edit, is a globe. That’s appropriate, because Wikipedia seems to be taking over the world of Internet research. It’s the first stop for many Web surfers looking for a quick explanation of a topic. But […]

Link of the Day – Friday Fun

Do you get bored at work? Do you have high-speed Internet access? As long as you’re not an employee of Kraft & Associates, you can visit these sites and watch TV shows on your computer: ABC TV Shows CBS TV Shows Fox TV Shows NBC TV Shows Have fun, but don’t let the boss catch […]

Link of the Day – Motorcycle Rules Of The Road

The Dallas Morning News had an interesting article yesterday discussing the increase in registration of motorcycle and scooters, now that the price of gas has risen so high. The article also contained some "Rules of the Road" that came from the Texas Department of Transportation. The rules were not included in the online article, so […]

Link of the Day – People Over Profits

People Over Profits is a Web site established by the American Association for Justice, and its purpose is to educate the public about the erosion of our civil rights brought on by the actions of government and insurance companies. Here is their explanation: About Us People Over Profits, sponsored by the American Association for Justice, […]

Link of the Day – Online Directory Of Dental Plans

Dental insurance plans are a mystery to most people — what do they cost, what do they cover, etc. Now the National Association of Dental Plans has an online directory of dental plans. You can search for plans specific to your needs. Here is a statement from the Web site: NADP is the largest non-profit […]

Link of the Day – Google Maps Adds Great New Feature

I love Google Maps, and it saves me tons of time. But one frustration with it has been that I don’t always like the route it chooses between two addresses. Now Google Maps lets you drag and drop the route guide, so you can fine-tune the route. It’s fun — check it out.

Link of the Day –

Have you ever upgraded a software program to the newest version and then regretted it? Unfortunately, newer isn’t always better in the software world. I appreciate my friend Tom Mighell pointing out the Web site Here you’ll find older versions of various Internet browsers, computer utility programs, multimedia programs, and many more.

Link of the Day – is an excellent resource for family medical information. Dr. Greene is a real person, and the information about him on the Web site is quite interesting. Here is the site’s Mission Statement: We are dedicated to using information technology to make pediatric wisdom more accessible than ever before. Our goal is to improve children’s […]

Link of the Day – Friday Fun

This may be more educational than fun, but I think it’s fascinating. Nikon’s Universcale was suggested in a comment by a reader, but I think it’s worth listing in a separate post. It’s a run through the entire universe, by size, from galaxies to sub-atomic levels, including all manner of animals. Use your mouse scroll […]