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Link of the Day – is a cleverly named site with tons of tips and tricks for those of us who seem to be in perpetual turmoil due to computer problems. Here is the description from the site: Everyone has been to PC Hell at one time or another. It’s that place you visit when your personal computer is […]

Link of the Day – U.S. Supreme Court News & Updates

Northwestern University has a very good site dedicated to news about the Supreme Court of the United States, with case updates.

Link of the Day – HRGopher is a great site for anyone looking for Human Resource information. The site contains thousands of links to articles and other types of information. Here is the site’s description: HRGopher is one of the most comprehensive directories of links to Human Resource sites on the Internet! HRGopher is dedicated to keeping you well informed […]

Link of the Day – Friday Fun

Are you stuck in the 70’s or wish you were? If that was a good decade for you, and you need a constant reminder, then you definitely need a Disco Mouse!

Link of the Day – Exalead Search Engine is a French search engine with some nifty extra features. You can read their search tips and learn how to create search shortcuts.

Link of the Day – Crimeline — History Of Forensic Science has an interesting history of forensic science.

Link of the Day – Car Safety Seat Resources

This is a follow-up to a post last year about the importance and proper use of children’s car safety seats. Here is a list of resource materials for additional information about safety seats: American Academy of Pediatrics — Car Safety Seats: A Guide for Families 2007 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration — Child Safety Seat […]

Link of the Day – Law Practice Management Section

I’ve been a member of the American Bar Association’s Law Practice Management Section (LPM) for many years. It’s a terrific organization, and offers, as the Web site states: "…practical education and assistance to lawyers and firms in the core areas of the business of practicing law: Marketing Management Technology Finance Check it out — you’ll […]

Link of the Day – UVa Government Info Virtual Reference Shelf

The University of Virginia has excellent resources for information on government agency decisions. One is the Government Info Virtual Reference Shelf. (The links below are not live. They’re just illustrations. Please go to the main Virtual Reference Shelf page for the live links.) Administrative Decisions & Other Actions – by Subject Banking & Finance    […]

Ruling Puts Texas Vioxx Lawsuits on Hold

In a very significant setback to consumers everywhere, and to Vioxx victims specifically, a Texas state district judge yesterday made a ruling that reflects the current Republican viewpoint that business should be protected from lawsuits at any cost to injured people. Here are excerpts from an article at More than 1,000 personal injury lawsuits […]

Link of the Day – Acrobat For Legal Professionals

Adobe Acrobat has swept through the legal community the past few years, and has gone from a helpful tool, to a de facto standard, to a near-mandatory format. If you practice law and you’re not using Acrobat, or not using it to its full potential, you’re just asking for trouble these days. Among the many […]

Link of the Day – Friday Fun

So you want personalized license plates, but you’re too cheap to get real ones? Just go to the license plate maker Web site, create your own plate, print it, and paste it on top of your real license plate! Well, maybe you shouldn’t actually take that last step, but you can do all the others.

Link of the Day – New Postage Rates And Regulations

Ellen Freedman is Founder and President of Freedman Consulting, which assists law firms —primarily in the Delaware and Lehigh Valley— and service-based businesses with management of projects and resolution of problems in all areas on the business side of the firm, including technology, human resources, financial management, risk management, mergers, partner compensation schemes, setting up […]

Link of the Day – Lawyers Inner Circle

Today is the first day of the semi-annual Lawyers Inner Circle Marketing and Management conference. I have been a member of this wonderful group for a couple of years now, and joining it was one of the best things I have ever done for my law practice. Lawyers Inner Circle is a collection of personal […]

Link of the Day – LoJack for Laptops

If you’re like me, your whole life is in your laptop. That’s fine if you never let it out of your sight. But for those worried about their laptop being stolen, there’s LoJack for Laptops. It’s exactly what it sounds like, and you pay for it with an annual subscription.

Link of the Day – Federal And State Spam Laws

If spam e-mails aren’t driving you crazy, you’re just not using e-mail as much as the rest of us. There may not be a lot that can be done legally to fight spam, but there are a few laws that do address this subject. You can find most of them listed at

Link of the Day – Medical Demonstrative Evidence

The Doe Report bills itself as: The world’s most popular web site for medical demonstrative evidence with over 13,000 medical illustrations, medical animations and anatomical models. Attorneys worldwide use our images for trial exhibits, demand letters, depositions, arbitrations, mediations, settlement conferences, mock jury trials, and marketing.

Link of the Day – Looking For A Really Big Law Firm? maintains information on the 300 biggest U.S. Law firms, and uses a variety of approaches to make it easy to find whichever one you need.

Link of the Day – Friday Fun

I don’t have much time for crossword puzzles these days, but I enjoy doing them. And nothing irritates me more than finishing a puzzle all except for one square. That happens when it’s a part of two words nobody’s ever heard of before. Now the Internet provides a great solution to that kind of problem. […]

Link of the Day – BlawgSearch

Are you looking for a legal blog (or blawg) on some particular subject? You’ll find it for sure at BlawgSearch.