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Link of the Day – Guardianship Program Of The Texas Department Of Aging And Disability Services

The Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services has a Guardianship Program. Excerpts from the site: Guardianship is a legal process used to provide protection for adults who are incapacitated, as defined by the Texas Probate Code. The Probate Code defines an incapacitated individual as: "An adult individual who, because of a physical or mental […]

Is Someone Using Your Social Security Number?

The tech company Trusted ID, which launched IDFreeze last year to help protect people from identity theft, released their second product this month – Stolen ID Search. At no cost, you type a social security or credit card number into the search box and Trusted ID will tell you if it is published on the […]

Link of the Day – Ask X Search Engine

The search engine site has been around forever. Now it has a new sibling with a prettier face and some nice features. Called Ask X, the new site has a very clean interface, and offers previews of some sites (hover over the binoculars). You get automatic updates of your search results as you click […]

Safety Alert — Lock Bumping And Bump Keys

"Lock Bumping" is the latest safety issue for homeowners. This video shows how burglars can break into many homes by using a "bump key" to open a door lock. This is a serious matter, and all homeowners should be aware of this potential problem. Click twice on the arrow to view the video.

Link of the Day – Google Scraper

How paranoid are you? Do you think the guys at Google are out to get you? Are they saving all your search terms to give to Homeland Security? Or to your spouse? Well, now you don’t have to worry — Scroogle, the Google Scraper will safeguard your information. You enter your search terms at Scroogle, […]

Link of the Day – Google Map Distance Finder

Anther of the seemingly endless hacks of Google Maps is one that lets you measure the distance between two points or measure a route, turn by turn. Besides being fun to play with, this hack can help in accident reconstructions, especially with the combination view of streets and satellite image.

Link of the Day – Friday Fun

My thanks to Tom Mighell for finding this great Web site of legal humor. The cartoons at LawComix are funnier than most other lawyer cartoons.

Link of the Day – U.S. Supreme Court News

From the Journalism Department at Northwestern University comes this continually updated report on happenings at the Supreme Court of the United States. Good, concise information.

Link of the Day – Medical Images

Do you ever need medical images to enhance a presentation to the insurance company or to the jury? You’ll probably find what you need at the Web site of The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. From the site: The mission of the Library is to advance the teaching, research, patient care, […]

Link of the Day – Tax Code Podcast

I wasn’t sure whether to put this link under Friday Fun or treat it seriously. An obviously judgment-impaired lawyer in Oregon has started The Complete Internal Revenue Code Podcast Project. He is recording the federal tax code for your listening pleasure. If you want to study the tax code while you’re driving or exercising, this […]

Most Hypocritical Statement Of The Year?

An article in a recent issue of Texas Lawyer discussed proposed changes in law that may be facing the current session of the Texas Legislature. On the subject of Tort Reform,Alex Winslow of Texas Watch was quoted: "We would like to tie the cap on non-economic damages [generally $250,000] to the inflationary index so it […]

Link of the Day – Daubert Tracker

The Daubert Tracker is pretty much what it sounds like — a database of Daubert documents, case reports, and listing of experts. Here is a description from the site: The Daubert Tracker provides litigators, judges, legal researchers and testifying experts with “fingertip” access to information associated with reported and unreported “evidentiary gatekeeping” cases. The product […]

Link of the Day – Coronary Heart Disease Test

Unfortunately, many of our Social Security disability clients suffer from  heart problems. The HealthAtoZ Web site has a quick test to take to assess your risks for contracting coronary heart disease.

Link of the Day – Sports And Concert Tickets

This has nothing whatsoever to do with representing personal injury clients and Social Security disability claimants, but it’s a nifty site and I wanted to mention it. is a Web site where you can search for good deals on tickets to concerts, sporting events, and other such entertainment. It’s easy to use, and seems […]

Link of the Day – Friday Fun

This Hallmark classic is a great depiction of an interview with an "Honest Boss."

Link of the Day – Voice Mail Cheat Sheet

In 2005, I posted about a nifty little page of voice mail "cheats" — ways to bypass the Byzantine voice mail systems at a number of major companies, and get a real, live, human being on the phone. Now that "little page" has evolved into a full Web site. You can find it at

Link of the Day – Texas Courts Of Appeals By County

Can you remember which counties the various Courts of Appeals cover? If not, just click on the handy map provided by Texas Courts Online.

Link of the Day – Diagram Of The Texas Court Structure

Do you ever wish you had a simple diagram for explaining the Texas courts system to your personal injury clients? The State of Texas has made it easy for you — just click to Texas Courts Online for a great interactive diagram of the Texas court structure.

They Say We Have Too Many Lawsuits? Tell It To Jack Cline

An editorial by Adam Cohen in the New York Times Sunday should be required reading for anyone interested in "tort reform."  The editorial begins: Birmingham, Ala. Jack Cline is in a hospital here fighting for his life, stricken by leukemia that he says he got from exposure to benzene at his factory job. In most […]

Link of the Day – Martin Luther King Day

An essay on the spirit and meaning of the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday, written by Coretta Scott King, is only one of the many, many fine aspects of the Web site of the King Center in Atlanta, Georgia.