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New Jersey Vioxx Trial – Closing Arguments Begin Today

In the opinion of some lawyers, according to an article at  Bloomberg, the verdict in the New Jersey Vioxx trial may depend on the closing arguments, which begin today. An except: "The summations are critical because the science in this case is somewhat hazy,” said attorney Samuel Davis of Davis, Saperstein & Salomon, who attended […]

Halloween At Kraft & Associates

We have a costume contest each year, and most of the employees participate. What a great-looking group!

Link of the Day –

Unfortunately, claimants’ representatives are forced to keep current on the inner workings of Washington politicians in order to foresee coming trends, and to fight proposed laws unfair to claimants. is a fun site that always has the most current rumors and gossip on Washington politics.

Link of the Day – Social Security Administration Office Of Policy

The Social Security Administration’s (SSA’s) Office of Policy, is responsible for the agency’s policy analysis, policy research and evaluation, and statistical program. The Office of Policy plays a key role in supporting SSA’s strategic goal of achieving sustainable solvency for Social Security and ensuring that the Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) programs meet […]

Link of the Day – is an interesting site that provides information on ways people can obtain free or low-cost medications. The site describes itself this way: "NeedyMeds is an information source. We’re sort of like the Yellow Pages. We have information on the programs many drug companies have that give away free prescription medications to people who have […]

Link of the Day – Friday Fun

My thanks to Matt Homann for this terrific optical illusion. Quite amazing.

Link of the Day – Veterans Consortium Pro Bono Program

The Veterans Consortium Pro Bono Program provides free attorneys to veterans and their qualifying family members who have an appeal pending at the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims (Court). If an appellant has filed an appeal with the Court, he or she can request assistance from The Veterans Consortium.

Link of the Day – What To Do In Dallas / Fort Worth

For any claimants representatives who need to travel to the Dallas / Fort Worth area, GuideLive is an excellent resource for finding entertainment ideas after your work is completed.

Merck’s Bizarre Courtroom Strategy Part Of Master Plan?

An interesting opinion piece at asks whether Merck’s lawyers’ seemingly intentionally inflammatory courtroom behavior may be part of a larger strategy, based on having all the facts and science on the side of the plaintiffs. An excerpt: As pointed out, however, in a number of scientific articles, news reports, and hearings, even at its […]

Link of the Day – World Airport Codes

Who can possibly remember those weird codes for airports? I have to look one up almost every time I need to fly somewhere. World-Airport-Codes makes that chore very simple.

Link of the Day – Excellent Article On Texas Tort Reform

This "media preview" link may not be available long, but this Texas Monthly article is an excellent explanation as to why Texas citizens have lost so many legal rights, why that loss was unnecessary, and how seriously that loss affects working-class Texans. The newest Texas tort reform laws are just a shameless gift to business […]

Link of the Day – Do You Know Your Neighbors?

Here’s another scary Google Maps tool. Enter your address at this site and you’ll get a list of your neighbors’ addresses and phone numbers.

Link of the Day – Google Zip Code Map

I could probably find a new application for Google Maps every day for my Link of the Day. There seems to be no end to the new sites that use this great tool. One helpful one is the Zip Code Map site. Type in any Zip code, and you get a map showing the boundaries […]

Link of the Day – Friday Fun

Have you ever wondered how far the zone of destruction would spread if a nuclear weapon was dropped on your house? This charming little site will show you exactly.

Katrina Casualties Could Speed Bankruptcy Of Social Security

Here is a troubling story explaining how Hurricane Katrina may accelerate the pending bankruptcy of the Social Security system because of all the disability claims to be filed by survivors of Hurricane Katrina. An excerpt from the article: "If past studies of disaster survivors are valid, as many as seventy-four percent of the 1.3 million […]

Link of the Day – is a new search site (still in beta), from Yahoo. At Rollyo, you create a personalized list of sites you want to search in certain circumstances. For instance, you could create a list of your favorite sites for current news, and search only those sites when looking for late-breaking stories. It’s a surprisingly helpful […]

Link of the Day – Court TV

Despite far too much sensationalism, does have good information on newsworthy lawsuits and trials.

Link of the Day – Military and Veteran Benefits, in addition to information about almost every other aspect of the U.S. Military, has a page dedicated to information about all the types of military and veteran benefits.

Link of the Day –

Fix Texas Insurance is a Web site project of the advocacy and research organization Texas Watch, and gives Texas consumers the tools they need to help take back control of the Texas insurance system.

Link of the Day – Automobile Recall Information

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration maintains a helpful Web page where you can search for automobile recall information.