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Link of the Day –

Do you need to check the flight schedule for someone you’re picking up at an airport? Or do you want to find out if your spouse’s flight has arrived safely wherever he or she is going? will give you departure and arrival information on just about every flight you could want. Lots more information […]

Coroner to Testify in Texas Vioxx Trial

According to the Dallas Morning News, appeals courts have agreed that the plaintiff can put on testimony from a pathologist to show the death in this trial was from a heart attack. Merck had appealed that ruling because the pathologist was not on a witness list submitted before trial by the plaintiff lawyer.

Link of the Day – is a great site for finding benefits of all sorts for U.S. Veterans.

Link of the Day – Replace a Medicare Card

If your client loses his or her Medicare card, it can be replaced online here.

Link of the Day – Reverse Telephone Lookup

We all have occasion to look up a person or a business when all we have is the telephone number. AnyWho has a good reverse lookup site. It’s not always completely up-to-date, but is a good starting point for your search.

SSA Proposes Regulations to Speed Decisions

According to a press release issued by the Social Security administration this week, new regulations will enable clearly disabled claimants to receive favorable decisions in as little as three weeks. That would be such an enormous change from the current sad situation that it’s very hard to believe. We’ll know more after the full regulations […]

Personal Injury Marketing Group

If any plaintiff personal injury lawyers are interested in joining an exclusive and extremely valuable marketing group, please e-mail me at for details. I do not own or control the group — I am just a very avid member.

Link of the Day – Dallas County Doctors

Do you need information about a doctor in Dallas County, Texas. Find what you need at the site of the Dallas County Medical Society.

Link of the Day – Locate a Texas Court

The Texas Office of Court Administration has a great site for finding Texas courts. You can search by court number, court type, city or county.

Link of the Day – National Consumer Law Center

The National Consumer Law Center, according to their site is "…the nation’s consumer law expert, helping consumers, their advocates, and public policy makers to use powerful and complex consumer laws to assure justice for vulnerable, low income Americans."

Link of the Day – Trial Lawyers for Public Justice

Trial Lawyers for Public Justice is an organization dedicated to helping consumers by fighting for justice through precedent-setting and socially significant individual and class action litigation.

Link of the Day – Cornell University Law School

Several law schools have very good legal research portals. The one from Cornell University Law School is perhaps the best. It’s an excellent research site.

Link of the Day – Friday Fun

Which American City is the best fit for you? This short quiz will tell you where you should be living in order to fit your desired lifestyle. The city best for me is Honolulu. Unfortunately, that’s where my brother lives, not me!

Link of the Day – ElderWeb

ElderWeb is a good portal for information about the elderly and their special needs regarding housing, finance, law, and other topics. Lots of helpful links.

Testimony in Texas Vioxx Trial

According to an article in the Dallas Morning News, Merck’s marketing team had a list of 36 doctors who were "viewed as unfriendly toward Vioxx," and Merck worked to either pay off or discredit those doctors. This is a really awful corporate practice, if true.

Link of the Day – Texas Law Help

TexasLawHelp is a great site for Texas consumer law resources for the general public.

Link of the Day – Becoming a Lawyer

The State Bar of Texas site has an excellent article on the requirements to become a lawyer in Texas, what a lawyer does, and how to learn more about the legal profession.

Link of the Day – Supreme Court of Texas

For good or ill, this is the only Supreme Court we have in Texas…

Med Mal Caps Eliminated in Wisconsin

Last week the Wisconsin Supreme Court issued a 4-3 decision striking down as unconstitutional the state’s cap on non-economic damages in medical malpractice cases.   The decision was based on equal protection grounds. The court found that there was no rational basis for the cap, concluding after examining the available empirical evidence that the legislature’s faith […]

Link of the Day – Law Focused Education, Inc.

Law Focused Education, Inc. is an outreach of the State Bar of Texas. Its mission is to "plan, promote and support law-related education programs which are aimed at preparing elementary, middle and high school students for effective, responsible citizenship, and which are committed to liberty, justice and the Rule of Law."